Tips For Your Home Cleanliness During Covid-19

One of the most important factors in preventing the spread of COVID-19 to the others is the cleanliness factors of your home. You should also be aware of your surroundings. Practice the self-care measures.  Wherever you are residing, whether in Sabak Bernam or Hulu Selangor, taking care of your home is a must. It is where you spent most of your time right? Do you want to know how to practice self-care measures and be a hygienist to your house?  Here are some of the tips before:

Washing and Disinfection


There must be some of us who feel the process of washing and exterminating is the same concept but it is not. These two matters require different steps to be taken care of. 

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a public United States agency has recommended that the home cleaning process  must involve both washing and disinfecting. It is a must. Remember to do both even if there is no individual sick present in the house.  


First and foremost, let’s talk about washing. The point of washing is about getting rid of contaminants on the surface that you wash. Washing is a process of cleaning any surface or materials using soap. The soap traps dirt and bacteria with its chemical compounds. 


Disinfection is about killing pathogens. What are pathogens? According to the biology research, a pathogen is an organism that can produce disease and is infectious. To put it simply, it is a gem. It effectively terminates all germs since it uses stronger chemical compounds. Both; washing and disinfecting should be done especially if a new person enters your residence. You should make this as a routine by doing these two at least once a day. Even CDC recommends every household to wash and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched at least once a day. Yes, that is the minimum requirement. 

Clean Dust in Your House 

clean dust

Who likes to clean dust and dirty things? Whether you like it or not it needs to be cleaned at least once a week. Do it on weekends or Friday as a whole family activity.

If you want the clean up easier, use a wet cloth to wipe so that dust would not go everywhere. 

Too Much Stuff In Your House? Hm…

Oh darling, too much stuff in the house can cause a feeling of congestion. Then, too much stuff laying around will attract more dirt and not to mention will result in poor airflow. The solution for this problem is to try to reduce the items in the house. Some of the items that are no longer used should be discarded or recycled.

Regardless of whether single, married or living with a family, the cleanliness of the residence is very much demanded. There is nothing wrong with having a lot of stuff. Only when it is not arranged neatly, will it make it feel like living in a garbage dump. So, for that reason we want to share how to tidy up a house that has a lot of stuff and rubbish like a broken barge.

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A Guide Of Men’s Pleasure Products

Sex is a part of a couple’s relationship, and for adult men, in order to enjoy sex more, or when they don’t have a sexual partner, they can use some adult male products. Nowadays, there are countless men’s products in the adult market, including aphrodisiacs, simulation, masturbation, lubricants and SM products are the most popular and concerned, which have different effects according to different needs and efficacy, allowing men to get more satisfaction from their sex life and reach orgasm. So what are the adult products for men? What are the different types and functions, and how to buy them? Join us to see how to keep men sexually aroused and hold on to their manly pride.

Almost all adult products must come into contact with the skin, particularly the intimate areas. If you want to buy them, you should check if they meet national standards, if they are safe, if they will irritate your skin after contact, and if they suit your needs. Some people are sexually indifferent, so they should choose adult products that stimulate their emotions, such as erotic lingerie. Others can choose nourishing and strengthening ones for physical reasons; if they simply want quality of life, they should choose those for couples to flirt with. Don’t blindly buy something without choosing what you need. There are many kinds of sex toy for men malaysia you could have a look. 

From a professional point of view, erotic products refer to lubricating fluid, external time-delay products, nursing fluid, flirtation perfume and some special products. But nowadays, it is customary to refer to such things as jumping balls, aeroplane cups and vibrators as erotic products, which are technically speaking, all of them belong to the apparatus. There are three main categories of male devices: cups, models and dolls. There are electric and manual cups, manuals are recommended for novices, and inverted models for older drivers, and solid dolls if living conditions allow.

Judging your preferences

Knowing a little about yourself is important when judging preferences, such as, which do you prefer? Inside or outside the body? Do you prefer slow play or fast play? What is your level of acceptance? How sensitive are you to sound temperature, aside from the shape? To put it another way, if you like external use, use a sucking toy first; if you prefer fast-paced applications, inverted models are the first choice; if you are sensitive to sound and temperature, use an electric cup. 

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An Overview Of Retarders For Concrete Mortar

When working with a large amount of cement, a problem inevitably arises associated with the rapid solidification of the composition. The joints of areas previously poured and covered with fresh mortar (working seams) are a weak point of the finished structure, and requires laborious processing, otherwise it is impossible to concrete reliably.

The ideal option is to either pour the mixture continuously or at short intervals so that it does not have time to harden. However, there are also special components that can be added. Their principle of action is to reduce the rate of connection of cement with water (hydration and hydrolysis).

molasses supplier malaysia

Advantages of Using Supplements

Pros of using: 

  • Reduction of time and energy consumption for vibration; 
  • Preservation of workability; 
  • The possibility of concreting at an air temperature of up to + 30 °C due to an increase in the period of preservation of mobility; 
  • Obtaining a highly mobile mixture; 
  • Reduction of cement consumption; 
  • Exclusion of delamination; 
  • Reduced shrinkage; 
  • Increased strength; 
  • Improving the surface of the finished structure; 
  • More comfortable working conditions by reducing vibration noise.
molasses supplier malaysia

Types of retarders for setting and hardening concrete 

1. Chemical additives

The first type is composed of one component. They are usually sold in powder form.

Nitrilotrimethylenephosphonic acid (NTF)

The agent does not cause oxidation of the reinforcement. NTF is suitable for all types of cement, but if the recommended dose is exceeded, the strength grade may decrease. The additive is also a plasticizer. This substance is added in an amount of 0.02-0.15% of the mass of cement. 

Sodium gluconate. 

It is sold in the form of a powder that is highly soluble in water. The substance is completely decomposed naturally, has water-retaining, plasticizing properties. Fall asleep in the amount of 0.05-0.25%. 

Sodium citrate. 

Adding to the concrete solution allows: to reduce the vibration time or to do without it altogether, to reduce the cement consumption by 20%.

2. Ready-made formulations of several components. 

They are produced and sold in finished form (powder or solution) by companies specializing in the manufacture and supply of construction chemicals: 

SikaPlast 520 N. 

Its basis is a unique polymer developed by the manufacturer Sika. Introduce in the amount of 0.2-1.5% of the mass of cement. 

Retarder (supplier Promsnab from Kemerovo). 

Does not contain components that are corrosive to the reinforcement. Reduces the setting speed by 2-8 times (depending on the dosage), incompatible with antifreeze additives. 

Linamiks (Polyplast Company). 

This is a whole series based on various chemical components.

Ready-made formulations can be purchased in bags, barrels, bottles or cans. 

3. Waste from food production

Certain types of food waste are safer to reduce the setting speed: 

Milk serum. 

  • The liquid obtained in the manufacture of cottage cheese or cheese. 
  • Its composition: whey proteins, lactose, milk fat. 
  • It has a strong retarding effect when added directly to the concrete mix, and at the same time is a plasticizer. 
  • Dosage: 1.5-3% by weight of cement. 

Feed sugar molasses from molasses supplier malaysia

  • It is a thick dark viscous liquid, a waste of the sugar industry. 
  • Molasses replaces the plasticizer, it is not suitable for use in the manufacture of precast concrete structures. 
  • Recommended dosage: 0.05-0.3% by weight of cement.

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Why You Should Pursue Medical Studies

People pursue a medical degree for a variety of reasons, ranging from a personal drive to planned monetary advantage. Some would already decide to pursue medicine while in secondary school. Seeing the lab furnitures and wearing the white lab coats, especially for Malaysian students, everything seems so cool and professional. 

Of course, there are so many benefits of studying medicine, other than looking sophisticated in a lab coat. Whether as a first choice or as a backup plan, pursuing medicine is a long-term commitment and a decision that should not be taken lightly. Here are some reasons why you should pursue medical studies.

Variety of career opportunities in medical

lab furniture malaysia

This reason is often ignored, yet it is one of the most compelling. Following graduation, you will have a wide choice of options for a future career in medicine. You’ll be blessed with choice with over 60 specialities to select from.

You could work in hospitals or other healthcare institutions, laboratories, or in other professional sectors as part of the medical division. Because medicine is such a vast area, you can specialize in either research or management. Society need innovative chronic illness cures and treatments, and healthcare organizations need leaders who comprehend medicine’s basic ideals and principles. If you want to improve your pedagogic skills, you may also work in academia.

Medical jobs pay well and are relatively secure.

lab furniture malaysia

Another compelling factor to choose a medical career is the employment security you will experience after graduation. This is especially true in nations where the economic downturn is still an issue and young people are struggling to find work.

It’s also worth noting that healthcare experts earn a lot of money. While this should not be your sole motivation for studying medicine, it is hard to overlook it. The significance of their job and the great demand for skilled experts are the reasons why medical personnel earn high wages, or at least more than average. One prevalent issue among medical practitioners is that, although earning a lot of money, the pressure, long nights, exhausting late shifts, and inability to invest more time with loved ones is not always compensated for.

Relieve people’s misfortune and sorrow.

lab furniture malaysia

If you’ve ever been in the hospital or visited someone who was, you know that they are some of the most trying times in a person’s life. Even if the condition may be treated or just requires a small medical assistance, it’s common for victims to feel hopeless and grieve.

This is where a competent doctor or nurse can make a difference by utilizing their compassion and people skills. It’s critical to be open with patients, but it’s also critical to support and inspire them. 

Many doctors and other health care personnel admit that their encounters with patients and family members have a profound impact on them and have influenced how they view their job and even their life objectives. You would then recall why you chose to work in medical in the first place, and you feel satisfied in such moments.

Nothing makes one happier than seeing individuals who are happy and healthy. Perhaps the greatest and most essential reason why so many individuals want to study and practise in medicine is the knowledge that you will play a significant role in recovering their health and alleviating their misery.

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The Most Important Factors to Consider When Making a Real Estate Investment in Kajang

A perspective of different people’s views that is both good and bad is provided by this method, which is unfiltered (watch out for false and incorrect information). The only way to evaluate if a certain location is fascinating to spend your money in for the long run is to use this method of evaluation.

During this investigation period, keep track of your gut sensation

During the orientation period of the real estate investment market in Kajang, it is important to trust your gut instinct and intuition. Remember that it is particularly essential to explore and get to know the area and place during this stage, so take your time. If you spend enough time in the region, you will quickly learn whether or not it is the right place for you.


Do you have a sense of it? Do you feel it, or don’t you? Pay attention to your gut instinct

For example, if you don’t have a strong connection or attraction to a certain place, and you don’t see many long-term development possibilities in the area in question, it is best to remove that location from your list. Alternatively, if you do get a click and a positive sensation, this is a place that you should look into further in greater depth.

In such a scenario, you may go further into the specifics, such as how property prices in this area are faring on an overall basis. Not just for investment real estate, but also for residential and commercial real estate in general, there are no restrictions. How long have you been looking for properties, such as homes for your newborn and family or family flats, on the market? Alternatively, does demand outstrip supply, leading prices to rise?

Does it work the other way around, with sellers being forced to accept reductions in order to sell their homes in the end?

Answering such straightforward questions based on what you find throughout your study is an easy process. That is the most effective method of gaining a thorough understanding of what is occurring and what is going on in the local real estate investing market.

Investigation of prospective real estate investment markets’ statistical data

  • Conduct a thorough investigation into the numbers, statistics, and trends of the real estate market in your desired area.
  • It is also a good idea to look at the development of property prices in a particular area.

You may look at things like averages, outliers, historical prices, current prices, and other statistics. 

  • Make an effort to identify specific patterns. As a private investor, your first concern is finding a growing area that can provide a consistent stream of rental revenue.

In the first case, making money by renting out real estate is accomplished via the monthly rental revenue. Any more value at the conclusion of the journey is a bonus, but it is never a given. The second thing you’re searching for is a significant difference in price between the present market and the expected market price in the future (which no one knows).

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Things You Should Never Feed Your Newborn

Feeding newborns is a permanent commitment. This is also an opportunity to start connecting with the newest member of your family. Of course, as a parent, you want to provide the best for your newborn baby from baby essentials (online baby products) to food. Even though you want to feed your newborn baby with a new variety of comfort food every single day, you must keep in mind that there are a lot of foods that newborn babies should not consume. Here are foods you should avoid giving to your newborn baby.

online baby products
  • Honey

Honey (and honey-based meals) are off-limits for the first year due to the possibility of Clostridium botulinum spores. Although these spores are harmless to adults, they can cause botulism in babies under the age of one year. Constipation, decrease in sucking, loss of appetite, lethargy, pneumonia, and dehydration are all symptoms of this dangerous but seldom deadly condition. So, save your precious honey till the baby’s first birthday.

  • Cow’s Milk

Cow’s milk is hard to digest for children younger than one, and it lacks the minerals (such as iron and vitamin E) that developing newborns require for optimal growth. At 8 months old, your paediatrician may authorise whole milk yoghurt, cottage cheese, and hard cheese, and newborns can start drinking whole milk moderately after a year.

  • Salty food

Salt is bad for babies’ kidneys, so they shouldn’t eat a lot of it. Add no salt to your baby’s meals or boiling water, and avoid using stock cubes or gravy, which are sometimes rich in salt. If you plan to feed your infant the same food as the rest of the family, keep this in mind when you’re preparing for them. Sausages, chicken nuggets, crackers, potato chips are some of the examples of salty food.

  • Fruit Juice

Fruit juice isn’t much better than sugar water in terms of calories, as it lacks the calcium, protein, fat, fibre, vitamin D, and zinc that babies require. It can suffocate a baby’s fragile appetite for breast milk or formula, which should be the primary source of nutrition in the first year of life. Too much juice can lead to tooth damage, diarrhoea, and other gastrointestinal issues. Fruit juice should not be given to infants under the age of a year, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). However, even after they turn one, avoid feeding them juice before night, and only give them from cups and in tiny amounts throughout the day.

  • High-Mercury Fish

Despite feeding kids fish has been shown to help improve their IQ, you should avoid mercury-rich fish like swordfish, king mackerel, and fresh tuna. Trout, tilapia, plus wild salmon are just a few of the other species that are acceptable to eat. Tuna is also usually safe to eat, however, choose canned piece light tuna instead of albacore because it has less mercury.

  • Whole peanuts and nuts

Children under the age of five should never be given pretty much the entire nuts or peanuts because they can choke. Nuts and peanuts can be given to your kid as long as six months old, as long as they’re crushed, or smooth peanut butter. Before feeding peanuts and nuts to your child, consult your doctor or health visitor if your family has a history of food allergies or even other allergies.

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Best Casinos in The UK

Major cities in the UK are diverse in the kinds of activities you can do! So of course there will be something for those of you who want to try out their luck.

There are a wide range of casinos around the UK which people can try out, they are mostly situated in the cities.

There are also a number of online casinos such as Regal88 online casino in Malaysia too that people can visit if they seek to bring the fun of gambling to their homes.  

Whether you are visiting London, Edinburgh, Essex and so on, there will be a casino there for you to try out!

Park Lane Casino

The casino located in the Park Lane (Duh) is an exclusive establishment, usually bringing in the high-rollers to come down and place their bets. The casino offers outdoor areas for members along with private rooms to host smaller and exclusive sessions.

The casino also features a lovely restaurant that serves cuisine from around the world.and an intriguing bar which has a fine selection of whiskeys and wines.

The membership fee costs around 1,000 British Pounds, so if you want to experience high-class gambling and have the money to spare, then you can join them today!

Genting Casino Fountain Park

The Fountain Park branch of Genting Casino is rather popular with those who reside in the city of Edinburgh. It offers players a wide range of classic casino games, which include four baccarat tables, five blackjack tables and six roulette tables,  to choose from and make their bets, their wins and losses. 

The casino also hosts large amazing poker tournaments with huge rewards.

The casino is also complete with a 5-star restaurant called Fahrenheit, in which the casino offers packages in, with access to both a three-course meal and the casino’s top attractions.

Genting Club Sheffield

Another Casino by the Genting company, this casino located in the north caters to all those who visit to gamble. Roulette players will be most intrigued with the 10 American Roulette tables featured in the establishment. 

The casinos has access to top-rated restaurants and fast food venues, along with two bars that have live music, this casino will truly bring in a night to remember.

Hippodrome Casino London

The Hippodrome Casino can be found in London’s West End. It features three whole floors of games which visitors can play. With a combination of gambling and live performances, The Hippodrome has set itself on being one of London’s Premier venues. 

It features a lovely restaurant, The Heliot Steak Restaurant, which is considered one of the West Ends best restaurants. Big music talents also come in to perform there as well, so you can look forward to the next time you visit.

Grosvenor Casino Leo

The Grosvenor Casino can be found in vibrant Liverpool near the famous Albert Dock. People of Liverpool love to spend their nights in this bright casino which is open for 24 hours. There is a variety of games to choose from, but if you are a poker fan, than this place will truly appeal to you as tournaments are held on a daily basis in a large poker room.

You will also find two cocktail bars featured in the casino where you can grab drinks along with an a la carte restaurant.

If you are planning a night out on the town in Liverpool, this is a good place to start, if you do not make losses that is…

And those were some awesome casinos you can check out the next time you visit the United Kingdom. But remember to always gamble responsibly and avoid chasing losses, you are there to have fun!

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Perfection Glimmers With The Time Home Fibre Malaysia

With the confinement imposed by the state because of the Covid-19 and in order to avoid the pandemic, many companies have put their employees into telecommuting, a significant load for the network, which nevertheless seems to hold up well. With the Unifi 800mbps usage, you can expect the best solutions now.

For over three weeks now, many of you have been working from home. The opportunity is for us to remind you of some basic advice on Wi-Fi and computer equipment.

For those who have not yet read them, we invite them to reread our Coronavirus files, Wi-Fi and Home Working as a solution! or Coronavirus: Equipping yourself well for teleworking is essential .

This time we are going to tackle another part of the network. This is a capital part which besides the Wi-Fi of the house is important. This part is your Internet connection. So, depending on the region you are in, see the neighborhood, your bandwidth speeds may vary.

But what kind of technology is available?

In fact, if some have ADSL, VDSL, unbundled, others have the opportunity to have fiber. And not all users are created equal. Thus, it will be interesting to test the availability of one or the other operator.

To do this, most Telecom operators offer this possibility. This is the case for Coriolis, for example, which allows you to test your household’s fiber eligibility with its fiber eligibility test.

Unifi 800mbps

A criterion which is very important

Indeed, you can equip yourself with Wi-Fi with a good router capable of providing speeds of 1700Mbit / s and which will cover the whole house. However, if you have a line that does not exceed 10 Mbit / s with your internet service provider, this will have very little impact.

On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to have fiber coming to your home, it will be more than interesting to have good Wi-Fi equipment.

4G, 5G, VDSL or Fiber? Which one is the best?

Difficult to say for sure. Indeed, if on low theoretical flow rates there is a certain classification in terms of speed, in practice this may vary. Thus, it will be possible to have a 4G speed which will be just as efficient as a rotten fiber. We are still telling you that we have done speed tests in some French and Belgian cities on the 4G connection and it is possible to have 150Mbit / s in 4G. it is sometimes more than a 50Mbit VDSL.

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Benefits Of Building A Gym In Your Home

Moving into our brand new home is always exciting. It opens up so many opportunities to make our dreams come true. Whether it is installing our very own hot tub in the backyard, or building the dream kitchen or the gym, the options are endless. 

Having our home become our playground, workplace, and rest place recently means that we are bound to take advantage of the spaciousness of Bandar Puteri Puchong condos. Little sections of our homes start to have deeper functions like a study room, work area, and even our own home gym! The last thing we want to do is to continue the expensive gym membership amidst the pandemic. It is hard enough to watch our money drain down on a membership that we are not able to fully commit to. However, your inability to not make it to the gym is not a reason to stray away from working out. We can fuel our motivation to work out by making our home a mean function of our workout. Your home should facilitate your needs to stay active, especially during these endless lockdowns. 

Still not convinced to have a home gym? Let’s take a deeper look at why you need to spruce up your Bandar Puteri Puchong home with a home gym! 

So Convenient!

A home gym does not have to be excruciating and boring. The beauty of a home gym is that you have the convenience of staying home and working out. You may be wondering why you would need a separate space or a specific home gym just for this convenience?

It’s great if we have the motivation to start working out in our living room with a yoga mat. But there is a good chance that we don’t even though the opportunity is present for us. A home gym is motivating because it gives us the luxury of having a gym at our convenience. We control the equipment in the gym, no waiting around for the gym equipment to free up, no unhygienic practices around.

Save Time And Money 

Another perk of having and building your own gym is that you save a year’s worth of money. Your home gym is a one-time investment that costs as much as your yearly subscription to the gym. Not only it saves your money but it also saves your time. You can work out in your home at any time you want and no need for the long commute back and forth from your gym to home

Freedom To Do As You Please

Do you have the freedom to do as you please in your old gym? Probably not. However, in your home gym, you can be as you please. Work out in any type of clothes you want, dance away to burn off the calories, do pilates, lift weights, Zumba, cardio, and the list goes on. 

Youtube is filled with so many different types of workout videos and there are hundreds of nutritionists and home workout trainers waiting for our call. A home workout gym may work out in our favor if we have the time and money to invest a little! 

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An Expensive Sex Toy Or A Cheap one? Let’s Make A Choice 

The coronavirus has locked us all into the comfort of our homes and we are struck with complete boredom and four walls. Between work from home and Netflix, we hardly have much to do from the comfort of our home. Trying out new things and new hobbies have been the highlight of the pandemic for many. So many people have used the pandemic to leap into a new world of activities. Men and women have taken on different sorts of hobbies to keep them engaged. Couples double down on their work to create bedroom romance as they spend more and more time in such close quarters. 

There was one industry that thrived as a result of the pandemic with the mutual interest of both men and women in the industry. 

The Sex toy Industry! 

The industry has seen an unbelievable surge in its popularity and sales as a result of the pandemic. The number of people splurging their money on sex toys for men and women is only increasing.

But of course, the splurge can be a little expensive. Buying sex toys is not exactly the cheapest and the most affordable thing in the world. However, with the market being so competitive and thousands of sex toy giants in the play, many are selling sex toys at a lot more affordable price points than anticipated.

Hear me out when I say, buying cheap sex toys might not be such a good choice. The price point might be attractive but the side effects of cheap sex toys might not be. 

Expensive Sex Toys Are A Lot More Fun Than Cheaper Ones 

The whole point of a sex toy is to bring us pleasure. A cheap sex toy might not exactly have the function of pleasure as much as an expensive one. Most expensive sex toys are buzzed with multiple sensations, ripples, and shapes just for our satisfaction. On the other hand, cheaper ones hardly have the feel and even the sensation to make any difference. They might cause more discomfort than they cause pleasure. Who wouldn’t want to drop a few more bucks for the extra vibrations and penetrative stances of various shapes and sizes? 

Expensive Sex Toys Are Cuter And Subtle

Often times sex toys get a bad reputation as a result of their very graphic designs and, mind you, not cute. However, modern sex toys with a higher price point are coming in so many discreet little shapes. They are subtle, and beautiful at the same time. Sex toys for men and women are no longer embarrassing to look at. They are exciting to the touch, look as well as feel. Many researches have been conducted to shape the sex toy industry to cater to both men and women better than ever. It is not surprising to see designs take evolution as the sex industry became more and more customer-centric. 

Buying expensive sex toys also ensures that it is safer and made of good materials. Sometimes cheap materials can cause unpleasant reactions, smells, and side effects that may be long-lasting and even short-term. So it is always better to be safe than sorry with an extremely cute and expensive sex toy! 

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