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Travelling with a Pre Existing Medical Condition

Travelling with a pre existing medical condition can be problematic. Many insurers exclude pre existing conditions as standard, whether that condition is a heart condition, HIV

Bolton : A traditional town with a rich local history

Chances are, when you mention the town of Bolton, you think of comedian Peter Kay. But Bolton has an extremely interesting heritage, with wonderful natural sights

Some of the Best Wedding Destinations in the World

So after gathering all the courage you have proposed your woman and she said yes, so what next? Well everyone wants their marriage ceremony to be

Best Things to do in St Andrews

St Andrews has long been known as a destination for tourists interested in soaking up a truly historical Scottish golfing experience. St Andrews is a university

Understanding Hotel Star Ratings

Three star European hotels, which are some of the most common, can be understood to be ‘middle of the road’. They offer a good level of

Mayfair restaurant and the Michelin star

Mayfair is famous for many things – glamour, grand buildings and green spaces, to name but a few. But for a certain visitor – the kind

How to enjoy UK for free

So you’re a cheapskate , impecunious or simply want your travel funds to visit a little further, here’s helpful tips for the very best no cost