Soaking Up the Beauty of the UK

The UK is a stunning place to visit, both for UK dwellers as well as those coming from foreign lands. Its history fascinates those coming from other countries, whilst it’s rolling hills and stunning countryside draws in UK inhabitants year after year. There’s no doubting the fact that the UK is a red hot tourist destination (though maybe not in weather terms!), but what’s the best way to see it?

Taking a Tour

Many people dismiss the idea of taking a tour as they like to explore their destination by themselves. In theory this is a great idea and can lead you to finding fantastic places that you wouldn’t usually discover simply by following a guide book, tour or something you read on the internet.

However, a tour is a great way to see lots of things in a small amount of time if you’re limited in how long you have to enjoy your break. If you want to see a wide variety of things in a short space of time then a tour is a great way to do that. Given it is organised to the minute and carried out regularly, you can rely on the fact that it will deliver exactly what it says on the tin and have you back when it says it will. It’s also a surprisingly economical way to see a lot as you save on transport costs and also will often get good deals on entry fees to National Parks and other attractions you visit. The key to a good tour is to ensure you find a good tour operator who is reliable and offers you exactly what you want. Do that and you can sit back, relax and be delivered to all the fantastic attractions the UK has to offer.

Group Trips

Another fantastic way to explore the UK is to get a group of friends or family together and set out on a group trip. Group travel often reduces the cost of a trip as you can pool together on costs for things like transport and accommodation. It also gives you the opportunity to stay somewhere a little fancier as large group accommodation properties often come at a reasonable price per head but have all the luxury trimmings you could wish for. So, if you can all decide on a destination you all want to visit and think you can handle each others company for an extended period of time then this is a great way to travel. Keep in mind some of our tips below to ensure the trip goes smoothly!

  • Make sure you all get along – there’s nothing worse than a holiday with people who don’t like each other!
  • Ensure you’ve all decided on a destination everyone’s happy with, otherwise people will be moaning about it wherever you go
  • Talk about budgets up front. It’s tricky if you’re working with different budgets as everything from accommodation to meals will turn into an impossible task to please everyone

If you can keep all those points in check, then you can take your pick from the amazing places to see in the UK and enjoy it with those closest to you.

This is a guest post from Tom at Lawrence of Morocco, Morocco holiday specialists.