Set Sail from Southampton

It is often difficult to choose which port to leave from when you are deciding which cruise you would like to go on. Britain has several ports where cruise liners depart from. The most popular port is Southampton and is renowned worldwide as being the port where the Titanic departed on its maiden journey.

Sitting on the south coast of England, the port of Southampton is used by thousands of cruise passengers each year. In this article we will give you an overview of some of the most popular cruises which leave from the city.

Baltic and Scandinavian

Many Baltic and Scandinavian cruises leave from Southampton. Along the way you will get the chance to wonder at the magnificent Geiranderfjord. Celebrity Cruises actually dock in Geirander so there will be plenty of opportunities for exploration.

Other particular highlights on cruises from Southampton include St Petersburg, Russia. There are many canals and plenty of walking and shopping to be done in St. Petersburg.

There are many interesting features dotted around the city including museums that impress you with their Baroque architecture. You might even want to stop off and watch one of the world famous ballet shows whilst you are there.

If Fjords and architecture weren’t enough to inspire you then you definitely will be after a visit to Stockholm, Sweden. Sweden’s capital truly is a year-round city and no matter when you visit you will always be left impressed by Stockholm.

Make a visit to the old town of Gamla Stan whilst you are there. There are many famous parks, museums and palaces to be seen whilst you are in the capital so it is very unlikely that you will ever be stuck for things to do.


Some other visionary delights and places to visit include Copenhagen where you can see lovely architecture and get the chance to visit Bang & Olufsen’s factory as well.

Other notable stops include Helsinki where the market square is not to be missed. Berlin also has a lot to offer and is full of history. Don’t miss out on a chance to see the Berlin wall whilst you are there.

Tallinn offers a marvel of culinary delight and a highlight is the marzipan museum which is ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth.

These are just some of the examples of cruises, which leave from Southampton. So book a cruise today and visit some of Europe’s more chanting cities!