The Cheapest Way to Travel From London

We all like to get away from home every once in a while, but in these troubled economic times it’s more difficult than ever to find the money needed for a good holiday. Those of us living in the up, though, should see this as an opportunity to rediscover the joys right at our doorstep.

In recent years there has been a trend for travelling far, far from home, and the economic boom times saw us flying across the world at the drop of a hat to experience the wonders of India, Africa, the us and other far-flung places. In the midst of all of this adventurous travel we often forgot that there was a huge, exciting and interesting continent waiting for us just a few miles across the English Channel.

In 2012, then, we should abandon our plans to fly across the world and instead treat ourselves to a budget break in mainland Europe. With tourist numbers dropping like a rock there’s never been a better time to find great deals on hotel rooms, world-class restaurants and tourist attractions like Disneyland Paris.

The question is this: what’s the cheapest way to travel from the up to Paris in style and comfort?

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There’s the ferry, of course, sailing from Dover and Folkestone to the French coast, but the problem with the ferry is that it’s difficult to continue on to Paris unless you want to drive your own vehicle (and, with petrol prices climbing every day, the fuel costs are prohibitive).

Instead, why not take the train? The euro star offers an hourly service from sty. Pancras station in central London, delivering you in the centre of Paris in a little over two hours (two hours and 15 minutes, to be enact). With adult return tickets on sale from as little as £69 it’s possible to spend a week or long weekend in Paris for next to nothing!

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What’s more, the euro star is an environmentally friendly way of travelling to Paris. A train passenger costs the earth 90% less in co2 emissions than a passenger travelling by plane. If even that isn’t enough to convince you to forget about flying, the euro star has a 95% rate of one time arrivals, compared with just 65% for flights.

So, if you’re planning to take a break in Paris this year you should forget about flying. The euro star is quicker, cheaper, more environmentally friendly and much, much more convenient. What’s not to like?

Often, the biggest expense in a vacation is the flight tickets, especially, if you are flying from Europe to Asia as this often mean a lot of inter connections, and thus, expensive flights. Well, if you are looking for cheap flights from, let’s say, London to Bangkok, then look no further, as here is all the information you will need to score the cheapest ticket deals around.

Firstly, keep in mind that buying cheap tickets is not as simple as you may think. For that, you need to do research and look around to make sure you are getting the best deal. And, once you do your research correctly, you will surely end up getting a better deal, even better than the one any travel agent would arrange for you.

So, buy early, buying as much as twenty one days earlier can get you extremely low rates, and the rates keep on increasing with the decrease in days. So, buying a ticket two weeks before your vacation would be more expensive than buying it before a month or so. Also, understand that the flights may have empty seats in the last few days, and if this happens you can get cheaper tickets as the airline tries to fill up the seats. So, be on the lookout for late discounts if you didn’t buy your tickets in advance.

Do shop around for tickets, and never book the first cheap rate you see. Look at different travel guide websites, and then go to the airline websites to see if you can get cheaper rates. Sometimes airlines run promotions that you can take advantage of. Most fare discounts are launched on Tuesday or Wednesday, so, if you are booking on a Monday it might be a good idea to wait a few days and see if the rates go down.

Learn to be flexible. You may not get the cheapest rate for your enact dates, but there might be cheaper options in the dates surrounding it. It might also be cheaper to get a flight from a smaller airport near you rather than a major hub. Look at all these options to see if this reduces your flight costs. Look for discount airlines as well, that is, the ones that fly from smaller airports, don’t serve meals, and can get you part of the way if you are going to Bangkok for very low fares.

Cathay pacific offers and air pass option that can be used in Asia, so if you are looking at cheap travel to Bangkok this is a great option for you. It will help you in your Asiatic tour, and will make travel a quarter of the original cost.

Another option is to ask a travel agent to make a holiday package for you, as they will look around for discounts and select your seats at a small charge. This is only suggested if you find yourself unable to do all the ground work to select the cheapest flight for yourself without help.

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Top Five Theatres in England

London’s most exciting theatrical experiences are often booked up in advance but sometimes the major shows hold back tickets for that evenings show. For quality views book in advance though.

For quality views book in advance though. The sights possible on the London stage rival the astonishing architecture of London itself. As much as standing in wonder outside sty. Paul’s gives you Goosebumps and is a gorgeous reminder of the city and the country’s heritage; the west end musicals are similarly exhilarating. They create tender drama whilst being fantastic entertainment. They are perfect for dates and for entertaining tired children at the end of a day’s sight-seeing.  Pieces like we will rock you, the musical based on the era defining music by Freddy mercury and brain may. Glam rock provides a delicious nights entertainment. The opportunity to bring out your inner glamour diva or rock god and join hundreds of people in a night’s festivity celebrating the best of the seventies.

The second most popular musical in London is the lion king at the lyceum theatre. This production is difficult to compare anything to. It has the most extraordinary use of the theatre space with beautiful and sculptural costumes which convey the strength and honour found in the animals of the African savannah. The story based on Shakespeare’s hamlet stands strong, stirringly expressed in abundant and luscious colour by fantastic actors.

The worldwide smash of the film version of Billy Elliot is more than paid tribute to in this musical. The story is of a humble boy rising through class restriction to fight ignorance and succeed in making his family proud. Elton john has written an uplifting and emotional score to this loving depiction of a young man’s journey in the eighties in the north of England. Billy Elliot has a love of ballet and risks ridicule and his relationship with his father to stand by his passion and fight for success in a foreign world.

For 25 years the phantom of the opera has reigned supreme over the west end with its passionate drama and frightening themes. The story is of a recluse who hides in the Paris opera and brings the theatre folk to fear him whilst falling in love with the beautiful singer Christine. Phantom is a tour de force of musical theatre.

Thriller is a tribute to the brilliant and iconic music of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. This is a celebration of Jackson’s music, theatricality and his astonishing journey to stardom. The mysterious life of the king of pop is laid out with hysterical drama and enthusiasm. It enthrals audiences and leaves them dancing.

The west end is glowing with confidence. These five shows alone preview a vibrant side to London. The emotion that these dramatic experiences take you to is a valuable part of London’s culture. The musical theatre in the capital of the up is big emotional and bold, these are a few of the best.

New research carried out in the up shows that one in five of us are unhappy at work, with those in the civil service or retail sector coming bottom of the list. no job satisfaction, low pay and lack of opportunity are all reasons to be unhappy at work and to live for the weekend but how many times have you wished the week away only to be too exhausted or devoid of inspiration to do anything remotely interesting? Leave old enemies hum drum and norm behind and book a budget or luxury London theatre break for that something a little bit different.

Top 5 west end shows and where to stay

1. The woman in black has been described as the most gripping and thrilling show ever to be staged and with a mixture of eerie sounds and creepy acting; it’ll have everyone on the edge of their seats from curtains up to curtains down.
Suitable for: everyone except very young children.
Stay at: le meridian, Piccadilly. A 5* hotel only 0.2 miles from her majesty’s theatre.

2. Les miserable’s is the longest running west end musical, now celebrating its 25th year in London and boasting visitor figures of over 24 million worldwide. Based in 19th century France this musical is a classic tale of love and betrayal that will have you riding an emotional rollercoaster.
Suitable for: lovers of classic storylines and those who don’t mind shedding a tear.
Stay at: the Sidney hotel, Pimlico. Perfect for couples and families with full English breakfast included.

3. Chicago is a sinister tale of murder, crime and a woman trying to fulfil her dreams all told through incredible dance and songs that have become classics to people of all ages.
Suitable for: people of any age that love to sing along to the popular classics.
Stay at: park inn, Hyde Park. Modern 3* hotel just over 2 miles from the Cambridge theatre.

4. The phantom of the opera depicts the sad story of a disfigured genius and the uplifting story of a girl whose singing reignites a boy’s love for her. This complex story is one of the world’s longest running and most popular musicals which is a must for anyone who likes a bit of drama.
Suitable for: all those that love drama, suspense and stories that turn out right in the end.
Stay at: holiday inn, Mayfair. Just around the corner from her majesty’s theatre with great last minute deals to be had.

5. Hair caused quite a stir when it was first staged in 1968 with its gratuitous depiction of see, drugs and rock and roll and the first ever display of full nudity at the Shaftsbury theatre. It is as daring today as it was then and is well worth a watch for all those who lived through or wish they’d lived through the 1960s.
Suitable for: anyone over 18 years old who wants to know what the 1960s were really like.
Stay at: Grosvenor house, marble arch. Let your hair down with a night of luxury after a show about the decadence of the 1960s.

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Mayfair restaurant and the Michelin star

Mayfair is famous for many things – glamour, grand buildings and green spaces, to name but a few. But for a certain visitor – the kind of person that puts fine food high in their list of life’s great pleasures – the number one reason why the affluent area is so highly regarded is because of the number of high-quality Mayfair restaurants.

Mayfair is a favourite destination of fine diners and committed foodies, partly because it boasts one of the highest concentrations of restaurants with Michelin stars in the up.

Here’s a quick guide to some Mayfair restaurants that possess a coveted Michelin star:

Again déclassé at the Dorchester, park lane – this restaurant, based in the Dorchester hotel boasts an incredible three Michelin stars, an impressive amount even amongst the high standards set by other Mayfair restaurants.

Benares restaurant and bar, Berkeley square – set in beautiful surroundings; this Indian restaurant has garnered many great reviews and one Michelin star.

Galvan at windows, 22 park lanes – Galvan is notable for its chic 1930s style, amazing views across London and incredible modern French cuisine.

The greenhouse, 27a hays mews – another of the many Mayfair restaurants offering French food, the greenhouse is particularly proud of its wine cellar, and – of course – its Michelin star.

Helene arose at the Connaught, carols place – arose, a famous French chef, and has already won a star for her Paris restaurant. Her authentic cuisine has earned her two stars for this London restaurant.

hibiscus, 65 south Audrey street – though it only opened in Mayfair in 2007, Claude boss’s fabulous restaurant has nonetheless managed to hang on to the two Michelin stars it gained when it was based in Shropshire.

Le caroche, 43 upper brook streets – named after a character from les miserables, le caroche simply oozes classic French style. As one of the most respected and influential Mayfair restaurants, it has more than earned its two stars from the internationally respected French restaurant guide.

Maze, 10-13 Grosvenor square – Gordon ram say’s maze is particularly noteworthy for its stunning interior, designed by David Rockwell – not to mention its great food.

knob Berkeley, 15 Berkeley street – one of the most glamorous of all Mayfair restaurants, knob serves up fine Japanese dishes – including sushi – and managed to bag itself a Michelin star within five months of opening.

Pollen street social, 8-10 Pollen Street – critically acclaimed, Jason Atherton’s eatery mikes up bar-style informality with a fabulously designed restaurant and the first standalone dessert bar in London.

The square, 6-10 brut on street – opened in 1991, the square prides itself on using top-quality seasonal ingredients and creating elegant, fuss-free food. Its standing as one of the best all-round Mayfair restaurants has earned it two Michelin stars.

emu, 14-16 brut on place, Mayfair – plush wooden surroundings grace the visitor to this acclaimed Japanese restaurant, which serves traditional cuisine from the land of the rising sun, with a modern twist that is all its own.

Wild honey, 12 sty George Street – serving up a mixture of French and Mediterranean food, wild honey has not only earned itself a Michelin star, it is also one of the most reasonably priced of all Mayfair restaurants.

Gordon Ramsey has become a cable and primetime cooking show sensation. He goes beyond the normal how to cook type of show and does both competition as well as the rescue of other restaurants in his various TV shows. He has several shows that include the f word, ram say’s kitchen nightmares, ram say’s best restaurant, and hell’s kitchen.

Scottish born Ramsey grew up in Stratford-upon-Avon where he played football while a young teen. Ultimately, his football career was cut short by injuries and fortunately, he had already taken an interest in cooking. He went to school and then worked at various places where his training even took him to the French Alps and a private yacht from Bermuda. When he returned to London, he became head chef for one of his mentor’s business partners gaining a share in the business along with the position.

Gordon started his own restaurant in 1998 called restaurant Gordon Ramsey which went on to win a third Michelin star by 2001 making him the first Scotsman to make such an accomplishment. He quickly developed a cooking empire with several restaurants eventually even expanding outside of the up. In fact, he opened his Gordon Ramsey at the London in New York City even winning the saga guide award for it. Over his career, he has gained many awards including independent restaurateur of the year, Michelin stars, and cagey awards.

Ram say’s television career took off in 2004 through ram say’s kitchen nightmares and hell’s kitchen on British television. Kitchen nightmares take Ramsey to a restaurant about to fold where he helps them turn around their problems. Hell’s kitchen is a competition where Ramsey puts competitors through a gruelling process of learning to run a kitchen. Both shows have been very successful. Other shows have developed over time including Gordon’s visit to India in Gordon’s great escape, master chef, and his f word. He’s also made many guest appearances in other TV shows like big brother, top gear, and American idol.

One of the things that keep ram say’s shows interesting is his in your face personality. He has a long reputation for his temper and use of foul language. He even once ejected a food critic from one of his restaurants when he felt personally insulted and he is notorious for rants with his staff. His antics and criticism is what makes him famous though and why viewers tune in to watch his shows.

Regardless of Gordon ram say’s volatile outbursts and harsh criticism, he is one of cable TV’s most popular celebrity chefs. His food and guidance does also tend to be right on the money as well. The public loves to watch what he will do net and so he is likely to continue to be a great choice for television food entertainment.

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How to enjoy UK for free

So you’re a cheapskate , impecunious or simply want your travel funds to visit a little further, here’s helpful tips for the very best no cost destinations in the united kingdom investment.

1) The excellent nationwide galleries are all no cost. The British Selection, National Selection, V&A, Organic Record Selection and Technology Selection don’t charge for access, and even put on no cost trips and shares. Best factor with the no cost trips in the British Museum? You can choose your gallery – instead of trying to see the whole factor, choose the trip that most passions you. I had a amazing release to primitive United states societies on one of my trips – not a subject I realized anything about before the trip started. Tate Britain and Tate Contemporary are also no cost.

2) Some of my preferred lesser galleries are no cost, though I’d motivate you to make a gift if you can. While the excellent galleries are amazing things of civilisation, it’s the little ones that give London, uk its personality. The Geffrye Selection in Hoxton, for example, is not only a excellent gallery of British furniture, but lives in a magnificent stone former almshouse in pleasing backyards. There’s the Soane Selection, on which I can lose interest for Britain – built by a successful but clearly crazy designer to home his assortment of artwork, Cotton sarcophagi, structural designs and general bric a brac.

3) The Selection of London, uk and its Docklands kind are both no cost and well value a visit. You can see cotton weaved in Spitalfields, still glowing gloriously with color, a Roman natural leather swimsuit, and walk through a rather strange, dreamlike adventure of London’s eighteenth-century satisfaction backyards. Selection of London, uk Docklands, based in a Georgian factory, specializes in London’s history as a slot, and is well value making the detour to see. And the Horniman Selection out in southern region London, uk offers an modern mix of Africa art, musical technology equipment, and natural history in a amazing Art Newly building.

4) If you elegant art for no cost, the Wallace Selection in Stansted Rectangle is a good first quit, particularly if you’re interested in excellent pottery and shield as well as art. Old Experts include artwork by Watteau, Frans Hals, Rembrandt, Canaletto and Velasquez, in a magnificent 18th millennium property. Extravagant some thing modern? Head off to the Saatchi Selection in Several weeks, which homes consistently modifying events of innovative modern art. For your third quit, you’ll need to routine Wednesday day, when the Courtauld Selection is totally exempt from 10 up to 2 o-clock in the afternoon; this gallery is particularly strong on impressionists and post-impressionist artwork.

5) Free films! The BFI Mediatheque enables you to sign in and find out movies from their comprehensive collection, though you’ll must have ID. If you’re a real movie strong this is an unmissable opportunity.

6) Essentially everything in Greenwich is no cost – the Queen’s House, the National Historic Selection with its Wren structures and magnificent Coloured Lounge, and the Elegant Observatory, plus one of the best opinions of London, uk from the top of the mountain. You can even combination the Thames for no cost through the Greenwich base tube (or should be able to, anyway, when the remodelling is finished).

I’m sure I’ve skipped some other snacks out, like the Photographers’ Selection, the Whitechapel Selection, the Courbe Selection in Hyde Recreation area… but you have about a week’s value of trips without going any further than this list. Enjoy!

Budget-conscious visitors viewing the UK investment may wish to consider remaining at Beat Resorts, well-rated in terms of hygiene and visitor fulfillment despite being among the most affordable hotels in London, uk with practical main places such as hotels in Westminster and Luton Road.

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