Learn a Second Language and Avoid These Awkward Situations

When we travel abroad we face a whole new world: people speak a language that is not our native tongue (and even if it is, as in the case of Spain and Venezuela’s Spanish, we may encounter crucial language differences as well), we are not familiar with streets, we are in a culture which habits we don’t know, etc. In such a context, it is common to feel out of place. Knowing the language spoken at the new place, however, will turn the feeling of awkwardness into excitement. When taking French lessons London students know the importance of knowing French in France, as in this country in particular they prefer that visitors make an effort to learn their language, or at least try to speak it, as a sign of respect. They find your expecting them to speak English rude.

False Friends

Be careful with false friends. A word may sound like it means something, while it actually has a whole different meaning. Say the Spanish word “embarazado”: it sounds like “embarrassing”, doesn’t it? Well, don’t dare you say that you are “embarazado” in any Spanish speaking country, or you’ll come out as a really freaky person. That word actually means “pregnant”, but not only that, the “o” in the end makes it an adjective modifying a male noun. In other words, if you say you’re “embarazado” you’ll imply not only that you’re pregnant but also that you’re a man.

At the Local Restaurant

When you’re abroad, you want to try the typical local dishes. However, the more the “local” the restaurant is, the smallest the chance that the menu will be translated. Some places offer really quirky dishes many of us may not even think of trying. You may be thinking that the only country where this happens is China, but you’re wrong: fried brain sandwiches are offered in the Ohio River Valley, USA. How about ordering “Rocky Mountain Oysters”? Nothing sounds wrong, right? Well, it’s actually the fancy name given to deep fried testicles of a buffalo, bull, or boar. They are also served in some parts of the US and Canada. Above all, if you ever go to Korea, make sure you understand at least the basics of food vocabulary and by no means order “balut”, a chicken egg with a nearly developed embryo boiled…unless your stomach is strong enough!

The examples above were pretty clear-cut, weren’t them? So make sure you check out the courses offered at www.languagetrainers.co.uk before your next trip.

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Discovering Why Visiting a Premier League Football Match is so Exciting

Travelling to London is an exhilarating experience as the city has so much to offer for everyone, regardless of age or taste. Whether you want to see the historical sites, enjoy the vibrant nightlife, or go shopping there is plenty on offer. Sporting lovers will also be able to experience some of the best football rounds in the country, and enjoy a Saturday premier league football match.

Unless you support a specific London team, you will be spoilt for choose when you visit the city, as there  is an array of breathtaking football teams. The city currently boasts six premier league teams, all of which have amazing football grounds, and will offer you the best entertainment at a game. The premier league is the top of the division, and for one of these teams they will be crowned champions of England.

Tickets for the matches can be difficult to obtain, however, if you are lucky enough to be in London, and have tickets, you will have the time of your life. Every element of the sporting community get together, and TV companies, newspapers and Ladbrokes Sports all ensure that the event is a huge success.

The passion that is experienced at a football game is incredible, and you will find that the whole experience can be overwhelming and emotional. Quite often if the actual game is mediocre, the atmosphere will make up for this and ensure that you have an amazing time.  There is something about the sense of community throughout the supporters, which brings everyone together.

Attending a football match in person will give you a far better perspective on the sheer scale of the pitch, and the miles that the players run throughout the game. The prime position for every game is considered to be behind the goal. You will see your strikers shooting at the goal which is directly in front of you, making it unsurpassable.

The noise at a premier football match is incredible, you will hear singing, chanting, laughing, and funny heckles. Every element of the build up to encourage the players is amazing, and you will be part of the experience. There will be supporters that love shouting advice at the referee, managers and even players, whether they can be heard is another matter.

There are supporters that understand every technical part of the game, and know the rules perfectly, and there are other supporters who simply love the atmosphere. The entertainment factor is huge for many people that attend the premier league game, and of course when your team wins it is fantastic. Regardless of why you have chosen to go to a game whilst in the city, you will have an amazing time.

Attending a football match whilst travelling may not seem like many people’s first choice of activity. However, if you are in London on a Saturday, why not join in with the local people to support their team.  Whether you are an expert in the game, or want to attend for the amazing atmosphere, you will never regret going to the premier football match.

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Red Hot Buffet Rocks!

My friends and I are out one night and we can’t decide where to eat, we’ve all been arguing because the other one likes pizza, the other one wants Chinese food and the others simply can’t decide! Well, I can say that this is one of the best arguments we ever had, because it made us stumble into red hot world buffet restaurant leeds. It’s a little familiar to us so we decided to give it a try, plus it will also stop us from arguing because we heard that it is a buffet with lots of worldwide choices—perfect! I will share to you the whole experience I had in this food heaven.


“Okay, wait!” That’s what I said to myself when I saw the gigantic food selection, I don’t know where to start! There are so many dishes I could hardly count them. So I took a deep breath and carefully thought of a plan on how I can taste everything, well yes that’s impossible. I took small amounts of each dish I’d like to try. Oh, and I saw that they have made to order counters so I asked for a Chinese stir-fry noodles, and what can I say, it’s just delicious.

Then I went to the pizzas, to the grills, then I had some dim sum and calamari. This whole experience is like taking a trip around the world. After eating from China to Italy, I got tired and my tummy says it’s time for dessert. There is only one problem about desserts, they are also too many, I can’t choose! Since I’m a cake person, I tried pieces of the unusual looking flavors. I cannot complain anything about the food, I’m not one of the picky eaters because I always like to try food flavors that are new to my taste buds, and this restaurant did not fail me. It gave me such an amazing experience.

Friendly staff

Just like the food, the staff here are very friendly and accommodating. You can see that they are really busy because there are lots of people, but they will get back to you once they got finished with the other stuff they’re doing. They are all smiles too! 5 stars for that!
Lovely Ambiance

The outside part looks small but once you get in, the place is really nice with its lovely decors. Well of course, it’s very busy unlike the other expensive restaurants but it gives a nice feeling knowing that you are eating good food with other people. If you are one of those persons who prefer a quiet ambiance, then you might feel uneasy with it at first. It’s not super noisy but it’s also not too quiet. Well, it’s great for me because I like that type of ambiance, just sitting and enjoying food without caring what others might think.

Wait for my return!

I wasn’t able to try everything because I got so full, but I will certainly go back to this place to try out some other dishes. What’s good about this place is that it serves lunch and dinner every day. I will definitely bring some more friends next time. So if you’re in Leeds, don’t miss out on this!

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Soaking Up the Beauty of the UK

The UK is a stunning place to visit, both for UK dwellers as well as those coming from foreign lands. Its history fascinates those coming from other countries, whilst it’s rolling hills and stunning countryside draws in UK inhabitants year after year. There’s no doubting the fact that the UK is a red hot tourist destination (though maybe not in weather terms!), but what’s the best way to see it?

Taking a Tour

Many people dismiss the idea of taking a tour as they like to explore their destination by themselves. In theory this is a great idea and can lead you to finding fantastic places that you wouldn’t usually discover simply by following a guide book, tour or something you read on the internet.

However, a tour is a great way to see lots of things in a small amount of time if you’re limited in how long you have to enjoy your break. If you want to see a wide variety of things in a short space of time then a tour is a great way to do that. Given it is organised to the minute and carried out regularly, you can rely on the fact that it will deliver exactly what it says on the tin and have you back when it says it will. It’s also a surprisingly economical way to see a lot as you save on transport costs and also will often get good deals on entry fees to National Parks and other attractions you visit. The key to a good tour is to ensure you find a good tour operator who is reliable and offers you exactly what you want. Do that and you can sit back, relax and be delivered to all the fantastic attractions the UK has to offer.

Group Trips

Another fantastic way to explore the UK is to get a group of friends or family together and set out on a group trip. Group travel often reduces the cost of a trip as you can pool together on costs for things like transport and accommodation. It also gives you the opportunity to stay somewhere a little fancier as large group accommodation properties often come at a reasonable price per head but have all the luxury trimmings you could wish for. So, if you can all decide on a destination you all want to visit and think you can handle each others company for an extended period of time then this is a great way to travel. Keep in mind some of our tips below to ensure the trip goes smoothly!

  • Make sure you all get along – there’s nothing worse than a holiday with people who don’t like each other!
  • Ensure you’ve all decided on a destination everyone’s happy with, otherwise people will be moaning about it wherever you go
  • Talk about budgets up front. It’s tricky if you’re working with different budgets as everything from accommodation to meals will turn into an impossible task to please everyone

If you can keep all those points in check, then you can take your pick from the amazing places to see in the UK and enjoy it with those closest to you.

This is a guest post from Tom at Lawrence of Morocco, Morocco holiday specialists.

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Experience the Beautiful Hiking of Bulgaria

The Southeastern European country of Bulgaria has gained popularity over recent years with many people looking for cheaper holidays. From ski slopes to beaches, there’s a lot to enjoy in this culturally and historically rich country.

Most recently, though, people have started seeing the beauty of nature through Bulgaria’s hiking trails. So, the ultimate question is how you can experience the combination of rolling hills, rounded peaks, green grass and dense forest? Here are some ideas.

Balkan Range (Stara Planina)

Found at the heart of the country, this is the longest – and arguably the wildest – range in Bulgaria. This one doesn’t double as a ski location due to its location but it is well worth a trip. The 555km stretch is a natural barrier stoping the cold northern air currents reaching the south.

What you will see – You can more or less see everything you could hope for from a mountain trek. From green meadows to oak forests there is a number of reasons people head there. With numerous waterfalls, an abyss that drops 1,000 metres and bears are just the tip of the iceberg. Botev peak is the highest point, sitting 2,376m above sea level.

Rila Mountains

The Balkan Range may be the longest, but these are the highest mountains in the country. Flanked by the Struma River on the west side and Rhodopes Mountains on the east, this mountain boasts the highest peak – Mousalla at 2,925m. A spot with an abundance of water resources, the country uses it both for irrigation and producing electricity.

What you will see – The mountains of RIla are full of glacial lakes, and they are responsible for Bulgaria’s largest rivers – Iskar, Mesta and Maritsa. Along the glaciated range you will find spectacular peaks, clear streams and of course forest.

Pirin Mountains

Second only to Rila when it comes to the highest mountains, this range in the southwestern part of Bulgaria offers some of the best walking opportunities in the whole of the continent, let alone the country. Between the Mesta and Struma rivers, you will find lakes, deep cirques, granite or marble peaks and glacier valleys on your trip.

What you will see – The highest peak is that of Vihren at 2,914m and alongside that you will enjoy artetes of granite and limestone. Not only this but beautiful glacial lakes and deep corries will be in front of you with the dense forest complete with firs, spruces and pines. The goat-antelope species Chamois walk around in the most secluded areas and vineyards, orchards along with hot springs await you in the foothills.

Final thoughts

The other big mountain range to have a look at is Rhodopes. Aside from that, it’s time to take your pick. In recent years many people have picked up holiday homes on the cheap here as well and when you discover the beauty of the country you too might be in need of Achica home ware for that dream place abroad.

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A cheap and cheerful day out in Chester

Chester is a truly beautiful city in the north west of England. Much of the city centre was shaped by the Romans, hundreds of years ago, making it both an attractive and interesting place to visit. Chester is conveniently situated near to both Manchester and Liverpool so can be a great place to visit as part of a bigger trip to the North West of England. Here are some of my top suggestions for cheap days out in the city of Chester.

Walk the city walls

The city walls form a two mile protective loop around the city centre. Built by the Romans, the city walls are still totally intact and make a great walk. Walking the city walls is a great way to see parts of the city centre that you may otherwise miss and a lovely place to catch some views of the mountains of Snowdonia in the distance. A highlight of the walls is walking under the Eastgate Clock, the second most photographed clock in the UK after Big Ben.

Sit by the River Dee

The banks of the River Dee have a busy buzzing feel about them, especially during the summer. Treat yourself to an ice cream, sit out on a picnic bench and watch performers in the bandstand, or rent a motorised boat for an hour and enjoy a ride up the river at speed.

Wander round Grosvenor Park

The Grosvenor Park is a beautiful traditional park, conveniently situated between the river and the town centre. The stunning flower beds are perfectly manicured and immaculately kept and there is a lovely play area and a miniature train for the children to have a ride on too.

Watch the Chester races

The Chester races are held at the racecourse on many dates over the spring and summer months. You can pay to access the Open course which usually costs about £10 per person and means you can watch the horse racing and enjoy a picnic on the grass. If you don’t want to part with your cash you can watch the races from the top of city walls.

Window shopping

Chester is one of the best places for shopping in the UK! Forget the usual chain shops and department stores, and make your way to Watergate Street, Brook Street and Lower Bridge Street for some really lovely, unique and independently owned stores. Chester also boasts ‘the rows’, shopping on two levels with narrow, steep stairways leading to the second level. A unique and interesting place to for some window shopping!

Grosvenor Museum

The Grosvenor Museum is totally free museum. It tells the story of Roman Chester, as well as a house that displays recreations of rooms from the 17th century until the 1920’s. A true step back in time!

Whet your appetite for a holiday to Chester? Visit www.webcottages.co.uk for holiday cottages Chester and all over the UK.

Photo Attribution

Eastgate Clock http://www.flickr.com/photos/quiteadept/3563351188/

City Walls http://www.flickr.com/photos/gruts/1436365419/

River Dee http://www.flickr.com/photos/environment-agency/6082969610/

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Top Five Things to do in Canary Islands

Several companies offer short cruises between and around the islands. Enjoy food, drink, swimming, and the chance to see whales, dolphins and sea turtles in their natural habitat. Check around to see which boat cruise best matches what you want to see or do – you can charter a fishing boat if you would rather do some fishing, for example.

Go Windsurfing or Kite Boarding

Enjoy the wind, the waves, and the beautiful coastlines of the islands by windsurfing or kite boarding. Popular islands for this include Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Visitors may buy or rent the necessary gear. Lessons for beginners to windsurfing or kite boarding are also available. The best time of year to visit for these activities is between spring and late summer, when winds are strongest.

Go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

Those who have never snorkeled will be awestruck at the beauty to be found beneath the surf. Snorkel or scuba dive in waters off the Canary Islands and expect to see a beautiful underwater landscape, colorful fish and maybe even a dolphin or whale, if you are lucky. If you have never been snorkeling or scuba diving before, you can sign up for lessons at many of the dive shops. Some also offer package deals, which include boat trips and snorkeling or scuba gear along with the lessons.

Take a Day Trip to RoqueNublo

RoqueNublo is a well-known rock formation located on Gran Canaria. Rent a car, bicycle (if you are very fit) or take a bus up the road to this huge monolith and be prepared for stunning views of the land below. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the fantastic view. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers that you can add or remove clothing as you go. Temperatures at higher elevations can be significantly cooler than the beach.

Visit a Canary Island National Park or Botanical Garden

The Canary Islands not only offer great beaches, they are also home to lush forests, breathtaking mountains and gorgeous botanical gardens. Teide National Park, on Tenerife, is known for a large volcano. Garajonay (ParqueNacional de Garajonay), located on La Gomera, is best known for its lush forests. Loro Park, located on Tenerife, offers not only beautiful tropical flowers, but also parrots. Gran Canaria and Fuertaventura are also home to popular botanical gardens.

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The Cheapest Way to Travel Around London

London is considered as one of the most exciting places in the world to explore, however it is also one of the most expensive cities to live in or travel around. If you are searching for the cheapest way to travel around London then consider the following:

Walking is an environmentally friendly and fantastic way of getting around London easily. Walking means that you exercise and beat the traffic jam at the same time while taking in some great views. Travelling in Central London on foot will save you a lot of time since most of the landmark locations are close to each other. This city is known to be the most foot-friendly places in the world as a lot has been done to ensure that pedestrians are comfortable. If you are not familiar with the city getting a pocket atlas which can be bought from local bookshops is a wise idea. The map will demystify London’s complex road network and make it easy for you to navigate around.

When walking in this city take the following precautions:
-Remember that cars drive on the left in London, therefore ensure that you look in the correct direction for traffic whenever you intend to cross the road!
-Be aware of other footpath users and keep an eye on where you are going.

Many people opt to cycle around London since it is an easy way of getting around the city. There are many improvements that have been made in order to make the city a more conducive place for cyclists. Cycling around London is not only cheap but an ideal way to explore the city and get much needed exercise in the process.

If you intend to use the bike as one of the cheapest way to travel around London consider the following precautions:

-Wear a helmet or opt for facemasks.
-Put on reflective clothing
-Ensure your bicycle lights are working


It doesn’t have to be all work and no enjoyment though!  There are many places that let you ride horses in the greener areas that surround our majestic capital.  Just pick up your horse bits from equestrianclearance.com and take a trip down to Hyde Park Stables.  They have plenty of horse wear available if you don’t have your own, but it’s always cheaper to pick your own up in advance.

London buses
Buses are quick, cheap and convenient way of travelling around London, they also offer the traveler enough opportunities for sightseeing. The London bus service has seen a lot of improvements in recent years which have their increased accessibility, convenience and predictability

London has a 24-hour bus service therefore you are likely to have transport throughout the night. First time travelers who are not familiar with the routes are advised to head for Trafalgar Square which is the main hub for night buses. During the day there are more buses operating on all routes unlike at night, it is important to indicate when alighting or boarding since night buses do not stop unless on request.

London bus fares depends on whether you have a pre-paid card such as Oyster which is charged a flat rate of £1.30 on all bus networks or you are paying in cash which is charged £2.20. Standard London bus rates are:

£17.80 per day
£ 68. 40 per month
£712 per year

When using buses as the cheapest way to travel around London ensure that you plan the trip so as not to coincide with the rush hour if possible since buses can be uncomfortably crowded which might give pickpockets a chance to get your wallet or valuables.

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How to Stay Safe Travelling in the UK

Travelling to the UK can be a wonderful experience, but there are still dangers involved. There are many tourists who can either get lost or be in danger because of the potential people in the UK who may try to take advantage of those who are just visiting. Staying safe, however, is still very possible when you know what to do.

– Buddy Up!

As often as possible, walk around the area with as many friends as possible. Remember that it is better to walk around where there are a lot of people, so make sure that you avoid dark alleys where there are only a few people in the area. As a tourist to the United Kingdom, remember that you don’t know the way people act. To avoid danger in any way possible, try to always avoid leaving your hotel room or vacation home during the night hours.

– Avoid Headphones

Whether you go to the UK or any place for that matter, it is important to note that using headphones and listening to music is very dangerous. You need to always be aware of what is going on around you. There are so many car crashes and other forms of dangerous accidents that can take place when you have headphones on. Just avoid using them at all times.

– Do Not Bring A Whole Lot Of Money OR Any Valuables

No matter where you may go, make sure that you aren’t carrying a whole lot of money in your bag. If you need it, keep it on you in your clothing and not in your bag, purse, or wallet. Make sure that you don’t bring too many valuables either. You want to be and stay as safe as you possibly can online, so avoid bringing any valuables with you.


This reminds me of when I once took a train to a poker tournament in central London.  I was fortuate (or is that skillfull  enough to win a substantial amount of money.  I felt so nervous walking home, all I was thinking is that I should have played at online Poker instead!  As it happened I went home and won even more playing some very late night games.  That’s poker though!

– Busy Trains

There are many people who deal with a lot of problems when they on trains and other forms of transportation. Try to go with a friend as often as possible. Busy trains are great to go on in case you have to go alone. Being one of only a few people in a train can be quite creepy.
Do you want to stay safe while you are on your trip to the UK? You want to be protected as much as possible, but that can only be done when you know what to do. The tips above should help keep you protected and ready for what can possibly happen. Remember, safety should be thought about even in your hometown. Always protect yourself and be cautioned for what can possibly happen.

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Great British Road Trip

One of the most southerly points in England, Cornwall’s Lizard Peninsula offers a unique and breath-taking stretch of coastline, with rugged coves, white sand beaches and historic harbours. A network of myriad lanes passes through postcard-perfect villages, grand gardens and traditional inns, which add charm and interest to the driving experience.

The largest urban centre on the Lizard, Helston is a thriving market town, which provides an excellent starting point for a scenic drive. The town retains much of its original Georgian and Victorian architecture, and its history can be fully explored by a visit to its own Folk Museum. Helston even boasts international renown, as during May thousands of visitors flock to its streets to witness the annual Flora Dance.

Driving from Helston, a number of main roads lead into lanes through a green-fielded landscape, edged with ancient hedgerows where wildflowers can be found in abundance. Armed with a map, it is easy to take any of these thoroughfares at will and explore the numerous beaches along the coast.

Some of the Lizard Peninsula’s many delights are the picturesque villages that will be passed on a drive around the area. Heading southeast from Helston, the village of Coverack is worth a visit. Enjoy a traditional Cornish pasty whilst wandering the winding backstreets down to harbor.

Driving further south to Kynance Cove, why not pass through Goonhilly Downs, which allow a further view of the Lizard’s varied landscape. Kynance Cove offers a beach divided by the tide with both a sandy bay and dramatic rock formations. A large car park on the clifftop provides ample space, and a brief walk leads to the cove below.

The Lizard Peninsula is a coastline of contrasts, and for an altogether different beach experience, take the road north from Kynance Cove for a visit to Praa Sands. Twisting country lanes can be taken to this stretch of beach, with vistas of the open ocean. Frequented by families and young surfers alike, Praa Sands also has a popular bar and restaurant perfect for re-fuelling during your trip.

For a more manicured landscape, Glendurgan Gardens can be reached by driving east from Praa Sands, with the opportunity to spot wildlife in the countryside along the way. Set in a majestic valley sweeping down to a quiet bay, Glendurgan Gardens is National Trust owned with a secure on-site car park. A range of native English and subtropical plants will delight keen gardeners, whilst the mature green hedge maze will keep children entertained.

A trip through the Lizard Peninsula is recommended to all drivers, who are rewarded with both history and spectacle, in this unrivalled corner of the country. Don’t forget, that you can add a little pocket money to the trip by loading the iPod full of your favourite tunes for the journey so that you can get rid of your old disc collection and sell CDs online ahead of your road trip!

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