Horror Trail of Leeds

Halloween is fast approaching, and Leeds is ready to celebrate this particular holiday in style. There are fun events planned for all the family, as well as some scary events suitable for the older and bolder.

I’ve explored the web, and put together the best family events, and the spookiest ghost hunts. Take a look, and be prepared for one fun packed Halloween in Leeds.

Royal Armouries Family Halloween Party

Ever wondered what it would be like to explore the Royal Armouries at night? Ever wondered what it be like to do it on the one night, when ghosts, spirits and ghouls can pass over with ease into our world?

If the answer is yes to both, then you’re in luck, as the Royal Armouries will take you on a spooky museum trail on the night of Halloween.

That’s not all, as there’s also Halloween crafts, ghost stories, a disco, a fancy dress competition, some fortune telling, and, of course, some trick or treating. It’s a fun night out for the whole family, and a chance for the kids to experience all the ghostly tales about the Armouries.

Halloween Spooktacular Temple Newsam

How about a family day out to Temple Newsam, to really get you into the right Halloween spirit?  The Tudor-Jacobean Mansion and farm will be affected by the Halloween darkness on the Saturday before Halloween (27th).

It’s best to enter in a costume to fool the ghost and ghouls haunting the mansion. The farm and mansion will be unrecognisable in its ghost ridden state, so only enter if you dare, and be ready for some serious trick or treating, and Halloween fun.

Belle Isle Spooky Movie

If you can’t get enough of Halloween, and really love a spooky movie with some nachos on the side, then the Spooky Movie Night at Belle Isle is exactly where you need to be. The Belle Isle Family Centre will be showing Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride on the 2nd of November. It’s a fun movie, suitable for all the family, plus you get the cinema atmosphere to keep that Halloween spirit going.

Candy Candy Vintage Halloween Ball

The last three events have been family friendly Halloween fun, but the next three are more suitable for the older Halloween lovers. The Candy Candy Halloween Ball is for over eighteens only, as the Devil himself has possessed the Jukebox.

There are some gruesome goings on in the Leeds Corn Exchange, wehere the ball is taking place, as well as a haunted house, which has mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. This ball is sure to be a spectacular Halloween extravaganza; and you just might find a vintage treasure while you’re there.

Thackray Old Asylum Ghost Hunt

Halloween just isn’t the same without a ghost hunt. The Thackray Medical Museum is now an important collection of medical journals and history, as well as a great place of learning, but the building used to be the Leeds Union Workhouse. The workhouse was notorious for its poor work conditions, and a Typhus epidemic once wiped out more than 100 workers.

A building having a history of poor work conditions is nothing to write home about, but the paranormal activity reported from this building certainly is.

Join the team of Haunted Happenings to hunt down the poltergeists, and ghostly figures walking through the corridors. Be aware that people have been grabbed by unseen and cold hands in this building. It’s a ghost hunt unsuitable for the light hearted.

Armley Mill Ghost Hunt

Another notoriously poor workplace of Leeds is Armley Mill, and once again reports of paranormal activity have been plentiful. In 1788 Colonel Thomas Lloyd turned Armley Mill into the world’s largest woollen mill and children from as young as six were employed to work the heavy machinery, as was common during the times of Victorian Britain.

Extreme temperature changes and childlike whispers have been reported to come from this building at night, as well as reports of machinery starting by itself and ghostly shadows being caught on camera.

If you’re after a good ghost hunt, then Leeds is the city to be.

Leeds is a must for all Halloween lovers, as this town is one of the most haunted of the UK.

This article was written by Sarah Oxley on behalf of LS1, providers of apartments and flats in Leeds.