Experience the Beautiful Hiking of Bulgaria

The Southeastern European country of Bulgaria has gained popularity over recent years with many people looking for cheaper holidays. From ski slopes to beaches, there’s a lot to enjoy in this culturally and historically rich country.

Most recently, though, people have started seeing the beauty of nature through Bulgaria’s hiking trails. So, the ultimate question is how you can experience the combination of rolling hills, rounded peaks, green grass and dense forest? Here are some ideas.

Balkan Range (Stara Planina)

Found at the heart of the country, this is the longest – and arguably the wildest – range in Bulgaria. This one doesn’t double as a ski location due to its location but it is well worth a trip. The 555km stretch is a natural barrier stoping the cold northern air currents reaching the south.

What you will see – You can more or less see everything you could hope for from a mountain trek. From green meadows to oak forests there is a number of reasons people head there. With numerous waterfalls, an abyss that drops 1,000 metres and bears are just the tip of the iceberg. Botev peak is the highest point, sitting 2,376m above sea level.

Rila Mountains

The Balkan Range may be the longest, but these are the highest mountains in the country. Flanked by the Struma River on the west side and Rhodopes Mountains on the east, this mountain boasts the highest peak – Mousalla at 2,925m. A spot with an abundance of water resources, the country uses it both for irrigation and producing electricity.

What you will see – The mountains of RIla are full of glacial lakes, and they are responsible for Bulgaria’s largest rivers – Iskar, Mesta and Maritsa. Along the glaciated range you will find spectacular peaks, clear streams and of course forest.

Pirin Mountains

Second only to Rila when it comes to the highest mountains, this range in the southwestern part of Bulgaria offers some of the best walking opportunities in the whole of the continent, let alone the country. Between the Mesta and Struma rivers, you will find lakes, deep cirques, granite or marble peaks and glacier valleys on your trip.

What you will see – The highest peak is that of Vihren at 2,914m and alongside that you will enjoy artetes of granite and limestone. Not only this but beautiful glacial lakes and deep corries will be in front of you with the dense forest complete with firs, spruces and pines. The goat-antelope species Chamois walk around in the most secluded areas and vineyards, orchards along with hot springs await you in the foothills.

Final thoughts

The other big mountain range to have a look at is Rhodopes. Aside from that, it’s time to take your pick. In recent years many people have picked up holiday homes on the cheap here as well and when you discover the beauty of the country you too might be in need of Achica home ware for that dream place abroad.