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Soaking Up the Beauty of the UK

The UK is a stunning place to visit, both for UK dwellers as well as those coming from foreign lands. Its history fascinates those coming from

Experience the Beautiful Hiking of Bulgaria

The Southeastern European country of Bulgaria has gained popularity over recent years with many people looking for cheaper holidays. From ski slopes to beaches, there’s a

A cheap and cheerful day out in Chester

Chester is a truly beautiful city in the north west of England. Much of the city centre was shaped by the Romans, hundreds of years ago,

Top Five Things to do in Canary Islands

Several companies offer short cruises between and around the islands. Enjoy food, drink, swimming, and the chance to see whales, dolphins and sea turtles in their

Travelling with a Pre Existing Medical Condition

Travelling with a pre existing medical condition can be problematic. Many insurers exclude pre existing conditions as standard, whether that condition is a heart condition, HIV

Bolton : A traditional town with a rich local history

Chances are, when you mention the town of Bolton, you think of comedian Peter Kay. But Bolton has an extremely interesting heritage, with wonderful natural sights

The Holiday Checklist!

Every now and then it is good to just leave everything behind and go as far away as possible to kick back and relax.  (That’s what

Understanding Hotel Star Ratings

Three star European hotels, which are some of the most common, can be understood to be ‘middle of the road’. They offer a good level of