A Narrow Boat Holiday on the Broads!

In modern day Britain, a family summer holiday or long weekend away with the kids more often than not means jumping on a plane and jetting off to foreign shores. However, while air travel to far away climes is easier and more convenient than it’s ever been, for a fraction of the cost, you could stay here in the UK, where it is possible to enjoy unique adventures, like a family boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads. The Broads offer a relaxing break with your children, while your husband is on deck playing captain, and there won’t be a grumpy custom official in sight.

Paying for your trip

Although a boating holiday with the family on the Broads won’t break the bank, it still won’t hurt to raise a few more funds to help cover expenses. An easy way to earn some cash is to trade on the internet on auction websites. I tried it out to off load my phone and I had considerable success. Selling my old iPhone was easy and I came into a little bit of money as a result. If you don’t happen to have any old iPhones just lying around however, you can try a few other items, like clothes, board games and films.

Narrow Boats

Barges come with basic amenities, including a toilet, kitchenette and beds, sd well as a surprising amount of room in the living area. However, the real fun when you’re on a narrow boat is up on deck, where children can help to steer the vessel and jump on land to navigate the many locks of the Broads.

The Broads

The lakes and rivers that make up the Broads were once thought to be natural features of the landscape of the area in East Anglia. However, it was discovered following research carried out during the 1960s that the area was actually flooded peat excavations, created during Medieval times. Today the remarkable region, which covers much of the east territory of Norfolk and Suffolk, serves as one of the nation’s most popular boating holiday destinations.


The peacefully winding waterways of the Broads are home to a huge variety of wildlife. The reedbeds and marshland lining the rivers are home to lots of water birds, which wade close to the bank looking for food, while song birds chirp in among the reeds. Ducks and swans are regular river mates on the calm waters, paddling beside the barges. There have even been reported sightings of otters, mink and Chinese water deer on the biologically diverse lands of the Broads.


Narrow boats do have their own mini kitchen, however, if you feel like a night off from cooking, then there are other options available on land. During a holiday on the Broads, you’ll pass through a number of places, including Ludham, Horsey and Coltishall, all quaint villages replete with pubs, restaurants and cafes, helping you to make you family cruise down the Broads as relaxing as possible.