Ways To Spend Your Time At This MCO

forex malaysia To Spend Your Time At This MCO

Are you losing track of time again? The good old days of MCO 1.0 flashes before our eyes when we had no recollection of what day, time and month it is. We were all living for the next day hoping for the coronavirus to end so that we can all head out to the mall and karaoke once again. When we thought we were out of the nightmare, we were all back into it again. So here it is, a guide on how you can spend your time on MCO 2.0 but with more effective ways to feel fun while being at home. (Stay at home la)

Cook and bake. Right now probably you shouldn’t go out. Don’t think about even going to buy anything non-essential. But what about food? It’s time all you non-cookers and bakers learn some home science. Scour the internet and there are endless possibilities for all those who feel like they are cooking failures. Start small and you have all the time in the world. You aren’t going out either way so take one step at a time and learn to cook and bake. Maybe you will fail the first few tries but eventually you will get the hang of it and become a pro.

Read a book or two. Put your phone down and get a grip. Look at your phone and see how many hours a day you spend on your phone alone. Mine has double digits by the way. It’s probably the same for all of us right now, so instead of browsing through YouTube, pick up a book and read about something. Could be about trading forex Malaysia or about an incident such as the Holocaust. Read about a book that was adapted into a movie. Reading will only help you in the long run. Plus, no UV rays make you blind.
Next, exercise. We’ve all seen the transformation videos. 20kg in 3 months. If you gained some weight during the lockdown, it’s fine. We all did. It’s no surprise but we shouldn’t let that get the best of us. It’s time we just roll out our yoga mats and stretch a bit. Maybe walk around your home for the first week. Or hit that 1000 step a day goal first. Then have a bigger goal. Maybe 2000 steps a day or 50 sit ups. Move your body and break a sweat at least 4 times a week. Ensure that you are in your best health even though you’re at home staying safe.

Meet new people (virtually). You might be desperate to talk to someone if you’re living alone. It might not be all that bad. Since technology has progressed so has communications. Now you can facetime your loved ones. Have a good virtual laugh with your friends. Be the one to check up on others if you know someone is living alone. You can also meet new people through Omegle and be friends with them. Set up a virtual dinner date with your significant other and meet each other. It may not be the ideal way of dating but it is what it is.

Take a bold step this MCO and pick up a new hobby. Let’s hope the suggestions allow you to take a step closer to your interests or even help you found your interest. It’s not all that bad. Find your hobby and stay home at this MCO.

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3 Terrifying Fictional Dystopian Futures That One Day Could Be Our Own

3 Terrifying Fictional Dystopian Futures That One Day Could Be Our Own

The media has no shortage of possible dystopian futures.

Whether this means a world overrun by robots, or the shortcomings of mankind, or even corporate greed, it seems the films and novels we see everyday are incredibly creative with the ways that the world might die. All these potential futures are terrifying possibilities, sure, but in the end they are wholly fictional. And what’s fictional has no bearing on the real world – or does it?

The discomforting truth about dystopian media is that it often sprouts from an inkling of truth. Ideas for dystopian futures do not just pop up on a whim – they arise from preexisting paranoias and burgeoning issues of our current world, and beneath it all lies the terrifying realization that our reality might one day turn up just the same. The Matrix reflects the increasing technological distrust and paranoia as technology evolves, while WALL-E expresses concern over mankind’s rampant environmental destruction and consumerism – in all these movies, however fictional, we will always see a bud of truth.

So for those curious as to how our future may potentially go, here are 3 terrifying fictional dystopian futures that one day could be our own.

1. Panem (The Hunger Games)

The Hunger Games trilogy was a widely popular novel and movie franchise that housed many dark and horrific themes.

Set in the dystopian country of Panem, a world who awoke from the ashes of North America, the world of The Hunger Games is one besieged by tyranny, cruelty, and a capital gone mad with power and an eerily familiar human consumerism. The Capitol, the aptly named capital of Panem, is a rich and wealthy district that enacts regular cruelty on it’s much poorer surrounding districts; forcing them to work for the luxuries of the Capitol under threat of punishment and violence, turning a blind eye to their suffering and starvation, and most horrific of all, making their children fight in a yearly, fatal Battle Royale for the entertainment of Capitol citizens.

The Hunger Games were written to have disquieting similarities with our own world – challenging our current glamorization of tragedy, hyperfocus on the media, and the potential burgeoning tyranny of our own corrupt governments.

2. The Matrix (The Matrix)

One of the most popular sci-fi franchises up to date, The Matrix tells the story of a world enslaved by machines. The titular ‘Matrix’ describes an incredibly complex computer simulation that humanity is made to believe is ‘real’ – meanwhile, the machines who have orchestrated this charade work outside the simulation, and use human bodies as glorified batteries to fuel their own ends. mlm systems of human rebels – some who escaped the Matrix, and some who were never in it – recruit ‘Neo’, an alleged ‘chosen one’ to bring the fall of the machines, and try desperately to free their race from a tyrannical mechanical power.

First released in 1999, The Matrix reflects the increasing paranoia of machines in an era that is slowly dominated by them; and asks the uncomfortable question of what happens when they one day, inevitably, grow to be smarter than us.

3. The Future World (The Maze Runner)

In the dystopian future of The Maze Runner, the world has become overrun by a mysterious, fatal illness known only as The Flare. Those afflicted with it slowly go mad, and those who are not live in constant fear of contagion. Drug use by those who have contracted the illness is rampant, and the recreational drug The Bliss is used constantly to alleviate symptoms in those abandoned by everyone else.

However, there are those – mostly children – who show an unexplained immunity to the illness. In a mad attempt to uncover the secrets of their immunity and find a cure, the corporation WICKED is formed, takes a band of immune children, and forces them through various cruel ‘trials’ to determine their hardiness. The Maze Runner tells the tale of how cruel humanity can be when driven to the brink of desperation – to the extent where we take out our cruelties on our own children.

The world of fictional dystopias often have very disconcerting similarities with our present; asking uncomfortable questions and challenging the deep-seated norms of greed, human psyches, and the cruel capitalism of businesses and networking marketing corporations. So the next time you read or watch a dystopian story, don’t wave off it’s concerns – as the horrors it spells always finds its roots in our current life.

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Attractions for Investors in Malaysia 

Investors of real estate business love to invest in property which is situated in a good location. A location includes commercial markets, shopping centers, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, parks for the children and young people, and it also includes people living in this area. Educational institutions, schools, universities and colleges are very important in location. The availability of public transport is also very important in the area. Things like these are also called attractions which attract other investors to invest in buying the property in the area.

Malaysia is rich in attractive places. It has every type of attraction which attracts outsiders to buy or rent property in the area. It has good large marvelous buildings, supermarkets, visiting places, schools and wonderful neighboring towns for living. These are the attractions which compel a buyer to buy property in the area.

Attractive places in Malaysia:

As it has been mentioned above, Malaysia has numerous attractions for the investors. In almost every city of Malaysia we can see wonderful splendid buildings, the buildings of big towers, like Petronas tower and twin towers in Kuala Lumpur. Apart from attractive buildings, the transport system of Malaysian cities is very impressive. Transport is very important in moving from one place to the other. Transport is very important in the cities and urban areas. A visitor who is an outsider likes good and convenient transport which can help him in exploring the beauty located in the country. The transport system should be very systematic in every country. If you are new in Malaysia and want to explore maximum regions in the country, you can visit easily as the transport of Malaysia is very good in serving the public. It has good transport in the country.

Bangsar, Selangor, and Bandar kinrara are very good places for residency and for buying property. A Bangsar condo for sale is a very good opportunity for the people who are looking for valuable property.

Hence, Malaysia has good attractions and attractive places which make an investor to invest in the property of Malaysia. Bangsar condo for rent and buying is a very apt opportunity for the people who are interested in buying and rental property.

Skylines in Kuala Lumpur:

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. This city is wonderful in having numerous attractions for the visitors and human beings. This city has wonderful attractions for the people and skylines are one of those attractions. Skylines is a very beautiful attraction, it has many visitors every day. This place has excellent varieties of foods, the restaurants and hotels in the area present delicious varieties of foods.it has tasty varieties of Indian foods, Chinese and other culture oriented foods are found in these restaurants and food streets.

Bandar kinrara Puchong and Bangsar are in the neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur, so we can say that buying property in these areas is like buying property in Kuala Lumpur.

Bangsar condo for sale, Bandar Kinrara Puchong property for rent and Bangsar condo for rent offering good opportunities who are looking for convenient residency and property.

If you are interested with this article, make sure to check out more at Uktravelblog.

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Famous Chefs Around The World

Who doesn’t love food? 

Other than needing it to live, food has often played a vital social, cultural, and of course, flavorful role in the lives and history of the human race. There are millions upon millions of recipes worldwide, from local cuisines to international favorites to old, outdated meal ideas, and even more recipes just waiting to be discovered. And as long as humankind has had food, we’ve had people preparing it – namely, chefs. 

culinary course

Famous chefs can be found all over the world; often raising a whole chain of famous restaurants from the ground up and preparing all types of delicious recipes with a spectacular professional flourish. So if you’re interested in pursuing a food career or a Diploma in Restaurant Management in the future, or perhaps are just curious about the different kinds of famous chefs? 

Here are some famous chefs around the world that you could use as your culinary inspiration! 

1. Gordon Ramsay 

Fiery, explosive, and one of the best chefs to ever grace the world – who hasn’t heard of Chef Ramsay? 

Gordon Ramsay is probably one of the best known chefs in the entire world. Hailing from Johnstone, Scotland, Gordon Ramsay is a British chef that’s possibly best known for his stern cooking demeanor, colorful insults, and, of course, bouts of extreme rage that can be brought upon by mediocre yet arrogant chefs. In addition to his career as a professional chef, Ramsay is also well-known as a reality TV personality; hosting several, mostly cooking-based shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and Masterchef; wherein he commonly displays his fiery temper to the world. 

2. Rosanna Pansino 

Best known for her YouTube channel Nerdy Nummies, Rosanna Pansino is a YouTube personality with one of the most popular cooking shows on YouTube. Her videos often feature foods and confections inspired by popular games and shows, and are further accompanied by Pansino’s chirpy, bright, and cheerful personality. Currently, her channel has over 3 billion total views, 12 million subscribers, and 791 videos posted.

In addition to cooking videos, Pansino also does frequent vlogs and update videos with her French bulldogs and her boyfriend Mike Lamond; better known by his YouTube and internet pseudonym Husky. She’s also written and published two cookbooks, and has starred in both web and YouTube Premium series’ like Broken Quest, Escape The Night, and A Heist with Markiplier. 

3. Jun Yoshizuki (JunsKitchen) 

Junichi Yoshizuki, commonly referred to as Jun by his fanbase, is a Japanese YouTube personality who is best known for three things – his superb and aesthetic cooking videos, his adorable cats, and his loving relationship with his fellow YouTube star and wife, Rachel. 

Based in Japan, Yoshizuki is the host of the popular YouTube channel JunsKitchen; a cooking-based YouTube channel wherein he posts videos of some of the most aesthetically-shot YouTube cooking videos one will ever see. Boasting almost 5 million subscribers on the channel, most of his videos feature the making of delicious recipes accented by scenic shots of the Japanese countryside – and even more adorably, often also accompanied by Yoshizuki’s interactions with his adorable and YouTube-famous cats. 

Yoshizuki’s wife, Rachel Yoshizuki, is a YouTube star in her own right. Co-hosting a separate YouTube channel Rachel and Jun (formerly known as My Husband is Japanese) with her husband, she commonly makes videos on Japanese culture and it’s interactions with her own Western culture. 

For more articles like this, click here.

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When Renting a Property is More Fitting

If you have a say, of course you will buy a property instead of just renting one. This is also what everyone wants as they won’t then need to pay the rent every month. However, there are houses at g residence for sale when buying is not an option like you don’t have the means and in your situation, it is like reaching for a star.

So, are you in a situation where buying a property in Malaysia is next to impossible? Are you disheartened because you would have preferred it if you can buy it instead of just renting? You don’t need to worry as while, you are not alone in this kind of dilemma, there are also times when renting is better. Check this out:

1. There is no need for you to deal with yard-work if you don’t own the place.

If there is a need for landscaping, that is not your call anymore but of the landlord. However, if you also want to use the space, like you think you have a green thumb, I am pretty sure that would be possible as well. If the landlord property for sale seni mont kiara condo , it would usually be up to you if you will work on your front yard or not which is not the case if you are the owner of the property.

2.Choose location

Another advantage when you are just renting is you can choose the location. You don’t need to be obliged to get a property that is far from your workplace or from the school of your kids because nothing is available, or it is more expensive as you are just renting. You can choose the amenities as well and some other advantages.

3. You will have more free time.

There are a lot of things you don’t need to deal with like the maintenance aspect of the property like the repainting, and some other minor problems. Things like these will be dealt with by the owner. You can then spend your time on things you enjoy doing. Let the landlord take care of the problems when it comes to the property.

4. You will be free from expensive updates as well.

The thing when we own a property is, we are obliged to deal with the updates. Well, of course we can always procrastinate, but then again, doing so might only make us spend more for the renovations. As you are just renting, you will be free from these kinds of problems.

5. Decorate the interior.

You can improve the place if this is possible with the landlord. Yes, there are landlords who will not allow this, but there are also those who do like in pantai hillpark condo and he will just reimburse the amount you spent or deduct it from your monthly rent. You just need to ask though as your deposit might be forfeited.

6. Renovavte the property

When your family grows, it will be a big problem if you own a small house with a limited land. Well, you can always renovate upward, but then again, you also need to solidify the foundation as it might not be designed for such type of upgrade. However, if you are just renting, you can always move out and find a bigger place to rent pantai hillpark bangsar south. This is because of the contract. But when that is dealt with, everything will be settled easily.

7. You have to options to invest on other things.

Of course, this does not mean that buying a home is a bad idea. However, this is not the only option thus, at times when it is not possible in your situation, you should not take it seriously. After all, it does not mean that you cannot have the right time to buy a house of your own.

8. Free to move

When you don’t own a property, you are not locked in that area. Well, of course, you can still just leave your family on weekdays or go overseas and just go back home on weekends. But it would be such a lonely situation. That will be remedied if you don’t own the property as once there is a good opportunity somewhere, you can easily ditch the place you rented and find another place to rent near your new workplace. That goes with your family as well.

9. Maintained by landlord

The landlord will always be ready for you every time there are things that must be fixed in the house. Especially if you buy property for rent seni mont kiara kl is not available like he might be at work and your faucet suddenly went off, this can cause a lot of mess. With just a single call to your landlord, he will come running with the plumber. This goes with other impending problems as well that concerns the property.

10. No hassle of complicated processes

Buying a property entails a lot of complicated processes which is a far cry when you just rent. If you rent pantai hillpark apartment, it will be a different story if you are buying it in cold cash. However, if that is not the case, you have to be sure you can keep up with the monthly dues or your investment might just go down the drain when you settle for seni mont kiara condo kuala lumpur for sale.

The bottom line is, there is really no need to be disheartened if you can’t still buy a property in Malaysia right now. Who knows, it might be a blessing in disguise as something more favorable is waiting for you. Besides, there are so many properties you can rent on. Especially if you happen to be looking for a property at pantai hillpark for sale in Malaysia, this should not be a problem.

So, if you buy pantai hillpark for rent it is really not a problem if this is the first time you are going to buy or rent a property in Malaysia. There are landlords at seni mont kiara condo for rent kl that can help you and I am pretty sure, they will be eager to do so. After all, the real estate industry is supported by different entities in which each of them is willing to support those who want to take part of their business. want their business to boom and only by taking care of their clients can do that.

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Best Casinos in The UK

Major cities in the UK are diverse in the kinds of activities you can do! So of course there will be something for those of you who want to try out their luck.

There are a wide range of casinos around the UK which people can try out, they are mostly situated in the cities.

There are also a number of online casinos such as Jack998 online casino in Singapore too that people can visit if they seek to bring the fun of gambling to their homes.  

Whether you are visiting London, Edinburgh, Essex and so on, there will be a casino there for you to try out!

Park Lane Casino

The casino located in the Park Lane (Duh) is an exclusive establishment, usually bringing in the high-rollers to come down and place their bets. The casino offers outdoor areas for members along with private rooms to host smaller and exclusive sessions.

The casino also features a lovely restaurant that serves cuisine from around the world.and an intriguing bar which has a fine selection of whiskeys and wines.

The membership fee costs around 1,000 British Pounds, so if you want to experience high-class gambling and have the money to spare, then you can join them today!

Genting Casino Fountain Park

The Fountain Park branch of Genting Casino is rather popular with those who reside in the city of Edinburgh. It offers players a wide range of classic casino games, which include four baccarat tables, five blackjack tables and six roulette tables,  to choose from and make their bets, their wins and losses. 

The casino also hosts large amazing poker tournaments with huge rewards.

The casino is also complete with a 5-star restaurant called Fahrenheit, in which the casino offers packages in, with access to both a three-course meal and the casino’s top attractions.

Genting Club Sheffield

Another Casino by the Genting company, this casino located in the north caters to all those who visit to gamble. Roulette players will be most intrigued with the 10 American Roulette tables featured in the establishment. 

The casinos has access to top-rated restaurants and fast food venues, along with two bars that have live music, this casino will truly bring in a night to remember.

Hippodrome Casino London

The Hippodrome Casino can be found in London’s West End. It features three whole floors of games which visitors can play. With a combination of gambling and live performances, The Hippodrome has set itself on being one of London’s Premier venues. 

It features a lovely restaurant, The Heliot Steak Restaurant, which is considered one of the West Ends best restaurants. Big music talents also come in to perform there as well, so you can look forward to the next time you visit.

Grosvenor Casino Leo

The Grosvenor Casino can be found in vibrant Liverpool near the famous Albert Dock. People of Liverpool love to spend their nights in this bright casino which is open for 24 hours. There is a variety of games to choose from, but if you are a poker fan, than this place will truly appeal to you as tournaments are held on a daily basis in a large poker room.

You will also find two cocktail bars featured in the casino where you can grab drinks along with an a la carte restaurant.

If you are planning a night out on the town in Liverpool, this is a good place to start, if you do not make losses that is…

And those were some awesome casinos you can check out the next time you visit the United Kingdom. But remember to always gamble responsibly and avoid chasing losses, you are there to have fun!

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A Narrow Boat Holiday on the Broads!

In modern day Britain, a family summer holiday or long weekend away with the kids more often than not means jumping on a plane and jetting off to foreign shores. However, while air travel to far away climes is easier and more convenient than it’s ever been, for a fraction of the cost, you could stay here in the UK, where it is possible to enjoy unique adventures, like a family boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads. The Broads offer a relaxing break with your children, while your husband is on deck playing captain, and there won’t be a grumpy custom official in sight.

Paying for your trip

Although a boating holiday with the family on the Broads won’t break the bank, it still won’t hurt to raise a few more funds to help cover expenses. An easy way to earn some cash is to trade on the internet on auction websites. I tried it out to off load my phone and I had considerable success. Selling my old iPhone was easy and I came into a little bit of money as a result. If you don’t happen to have any old iPhones just lying around however, you can try a few other items, like clothes, board games and films.

Narrow Boats

Barges come with basic amenities, including a toilet, kitchenette and beds, sd well as a surprising amount of room in the living area. However, the real fun when you’re on a narrow boat is up on deck, where children can help to steer the vessel and jump on land to navigate the many locks of the Broads.

The Broads

The lakes and rivers that make up the Broads were once thought to be natural features of the landscape of the area in East Anglia. However, it was discovered following research carried out during the 1960s that the area was actually flooded peat excavations, created during Medieval times. Today the remarkable region, which covers much of the east territory of Norfolk and Suffolk, serves as one of the nation’s most popular boating holiday destinations.


The peacefully winding waterways of the Broads are home to a huge variety of wildlife. The reedbeds and marshland lining the rivers are home to lots of water birds, which wade close to the bank looking for food, while song birds chirp in among the reeds. Ducks and swans are regular river mates on the calm waters, paddling beside the barges. There have even been reported sightings of otters, mink and Chinese water deer on the biologically diverse lands of the Broads.


Narrow boats do have their own mini kitchen, however, if you feel like a night off from cooking, then there are other options available on land. During a holiday on the Broads, you’ll pass through a number of places, including Ludham, Horsey and Coltishall, all quaint villages replete with pubs, restaurants and cafes, helping you to make you family cruise down the Broads as relaxing as possible.

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Roald Dahl Ideas

Roald Dahl stories will never go out of fashion with families. London is lucky to have the award-winning ‘Matilda the Musical’ at the Cambridge Theatre and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The Musical’ is opening at London’s Theatre Royal in June 2013. But you don’t need to come to the capital to enjoy Roald Dahl; do some car rental comparison and head out to discover the Roald Dahl connections around the country.

Great Missenden

This is the Buckinghamshire village where Roald Dahl lived. The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre is well worth seeing here. It has galleries devoted to his life story and a wall that looks like, and even smells like, chocolate. There are lots of craft activities on offer every day and you can even sit in a reproduction of his writing hut and try out his makeshift desk which he used on his lap. There’s also a trail to follow around the village to see sights that were important to him and to also visit his grave. It’s an endearing place and not sad at all as children love to follow the BFG’s footsteps to find the grave and many leave notes and trinkets. It really is a delightful village and Sophie Dahl (Road Dahl’s grand-daughter) and her husband jazz musician Jamie Cullum have bought a home in the village.

Back at the museum there’s also ‘Cafe Twit’ which has an amazing ‘Whizzpopper’ drink consisting of frothy hot chocolate with raspberry coulis topped with crushed Maltesers, Smarties and marshmallows.


Roald Dahl’s parents were from Norway but he was born in Fairwater Road in Llandaff, Cardiff. He was baptised at the Norwegian Church and worshipped there with his family when he was a young boy. When the derelict little white church needed help in 1987, Roald Dahl became the first president of the Norwegian Church Preservation Trust although he sadly died before the building work was completed. But he is honoured there every September as the author’s birthday is celebrated with a party held for local children.

Cadbury’s World

It’s not Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory but at Cadbury’s World in Birmingham you can play in chocolate rain and invent your own chocolate bar. Pre-book to visit on a Thursday and you can use the 2-for-1 ticket offer.

York Chocolate Story

If it is all about the chocolate for you then this new attraction is York unveils the history of chocolate in the city spanning more than 300 years. The businesses which began in this great city have shaped the way the British have enjoyed chocolate and sweets ever since. There are plenty of tasting opportunities and an all-day chocolate breakfast in the cafe.

Choccywoccydoodah London

London has some amazing chocolate shops including the truffle specialist, Charbonnel et Walker and the incredible Paul A Young who has a store in Islington, the City of London and Soho. Choccywoccydoohdah, located just off Carnaby Street, is a decadent cafe with fantastic creations as it is a cake shop and chocolatiers. It’s on two floors with crazy kitsch decor and enormous ice-cream sundaes.

Sally Johnson is on a mission to spark a love of travel within all of her family and regularly takes her two children to see new sights both in the UK and further afield.

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Choosing Your Cruise : The Cruise Line, The Ship & The Destination


icking a cruise ship to take for your next holiday can throw up a number of different things to consider. First you need to choose which cruise line you go with. You may have perceptions about different providers already and this may impact your decision. Secondly, each cruise operator has their own fleet of ships – all of which offer different experiences to its passengers.

Finally and probably most importantly are the destinations that the ship will sail to on its itinerary.

The Cruise Line

You’ll quickly realise that each cruise line has a particular ‘vibe’ associated with it. The easiest and quickest way to immerse yourself in the cruise world is to pick up a brochure at a travel agent or to go online to a cruise provider website.

As one of the biggest and best-known cruise lines in the world, Princess Cruises proudly promote their young fleet (which means newer ships) with a focus on quality and comfort. It’s clear to see from the photography and language used in their brochures and on their website that this isn’t a party ‘nightclub’ cruise line. That might make you sigh with relief, or scramble to hit the back button. Either way, it’s one step closer to finding your ideal cruise.

The Destination

The destination that you want to travel to may play a part in the ship that you sail on, particularly if it is a very niche location. However, more popular destinations such as those in the Mediterranean will have a wider choice of cruise lines and ships to choose from.

Keep in mind that some destinations will appeal to certain types of travellers. Cruise forums are a great place to start if you are looking to meet like-minded people when on your trip. They’re filled with passionate and experienced cruisers who readily give honest advice on what you can expect on a particular ship or route.

While it may take some time to research your ideal cruise holiday, it’s well worth doing so to ensure full satisfaction. As with any holiday, when you’ve found the perfect cruise in terms of style and destination, the experience is one you’ll remember forever.

The Ship

Once you’ve narrowed down to which cruise line you’d like to use, it’s tempting to just book a trip on the first ship that’s sailing when you want to travel. However, you’ll find that each ship within a cruise operator’s fleet will be targeted to different audiences and have different benefits. Therefore, spending time doing your research on the ship before you book is well worth the effort.

With Princess Cruises you’ll find that there are 17 ships in its fleet. Of these, two are ‘small ships’ offering a more intimate atmosphere on board and access to unique destinations via smaller ports where the larger ships can’t get into.

However, the larger ships – of which there are many, also have their advantages. They are great if you are looking to meet like-minded people and take part in a number of activities including ballroom dancing and cabarets. They also have a large selection of gourmet a la carte restaurants to keep even the biggest foodie fully occupied for the duration.

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Where Are the Top Places to Visit in Cotswolds?

Planning a self-catering break in the UK? Well, I know there are lots of great destinations to choose from, but I’d recommend heading to the Cotswolds. An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, this region has so many different things to offer holidaymakers.

I mean, how often can you describe a place as one of the most beautiful spots in the country, and in the same breath claim it is home to some of the prettiest cities, most stunning walks and a host of other attractions? The Cotswolds somehow manages to achieve all this.

To give you a better idea of the amazing places you can visit, I’ve put together a quick guide to my personal favourites. I hope it helps!

Cotswold Wildlife Park

I love wildlife parks and zoos, which is why I couldn’t resist adding this place to my list. You can see all kinds of animals here (as you probably expected!), but what really interests me is that there are a lot of ways you can get that little bit closer to them.

For example, once a day there’s a ‘meet the giraffes’ session, which allows you to see these amazing creatures at eye level – a pretty incredible experience. And, of course, if you have children, they’re bound to absolutely love this. You can also meet giant tortoises, lemurs and more, so there’s plenty of scope for a memorable day out.

Plus, mums and dads may be interested in the beautiful gardens that can also be found here – definitely well worth a look!

Blenheim Palace

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Blenheim Palace is arguably one of the most important historical buildings in the region. You’ll find it in Woodstock, around 8 miles from Oxford, with the palace itself nestled in an impressive 2,000 acres of landscaped grounds.

This is a really popular place for tourists to visit, thanks to its combination of attractions. Of course, exploring the impossibly grand rooms, adorned with beautiful furniture and paintings, is one of the key reasons to come here, but there is much else besides. For example, you can take a stroll the beautiful gardens, discover the Churchill exhibition – Sir Winston Churchill was born here, you see – and discover the amazing creatures in the Butterfly House.


Oxford is a gorgeous city, and I think it’s a great place to visit on any holiday. One of the things I like most about it is that while it has loads of different attractions, it is small enough to still be easy to explore without having to rely heavily on public transport.

Top places to visit while you are here include the colleges of Oxford University – with Magdalen College being particularly popular – as well as the Ashmolean museum, the Pitt Rivers museum and the Botanic Gardens. It is also well worth giving punting a go, while there are countless lovely little pubs too – some personal favourites include The Victoria in Jericho, The Gardeners Arms (which is quite unusual in that it only serves vegan and vegetarian food) and The Royal Oak.


Another fantastic place to head to while you’re staying in the Cotswolds is Stratford-upon-Avon. Being Shakespeare’s birthplace, it celebrates all its associations with the bard to the max. You can visit the house where he was born, his final home (New Place), the home of his daughter (Nash’s House) and much more.

It’s also lovely to simply take a gentle walk along the river, possibly enjoying some local fish and chips while you do. There are plenty of quaint little tea shops as well, which are perfect for relaxing in between sightseeing trips.

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